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I am a member of a team of players seeking each month to win funding for the ADA - on the "best free game site" on the web. We (Tigers Against Diabetes) need help from any of like mind, who happen to like playing FREE games online. There are indeed many of the best games I have played, in various categories: casino (slots, poker, roulette, etc.) arcade (gypsyjuggle, a variety of sports games, some shooter-type), word games (the best Word Pop I have ever played, Text Twist, crosswords), card and board games (freecell, hearts, etc.). Whatever your taste, the games are there.

These are all FREE games - no charge to join, no charge to play. There are opportunities to win prizes, including cash, for yourself, but NO COST TO YOU! The more you play, the greater your chances to win.

PLUS, teams compete for monthly prizes from IWON, for their chosen causes: the leading teams at month-end in each of the two categories now win $5000 for their cause; 2nd & 3rd in each category also win $$. Tigers Against Diabetes even has a blogsite to help you with the starter basics of the site, although no game tips in that blog. The blog itself is at From there, links to IWON will help you register, and to the Team site to help you join Tigers if you wish. Also links to this site, and to the ADA.

Cannot get any better! Play as much as you like, win prizes for yourself sometimes, and help this team win a check for the ADA! The more you play, the more you can win!

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