What's wrong with me?

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I must have an eating disorder. Sometimes I go all day without eating because I don't feel hungry. Other times I can eat 2nds and even 3rds and finally get tired of chewing and give up. I know sugar is very addictive because I don't know how to stop eating it. I can polish off a whole box of little debbie brownies at once. Sometimes I just crave it. I weigh 200 pounds and would like to get down to at least 175 but I havent found an easy weight loss diet i can stick with yet. does anyone have any suggestions on a healthy eating plan that will help me lose the weight and stay away from the sugar? Thats just one of my problems. I drink coffee all the time and i know its not good for me. I usually feel better if my sugar level is elevated slightly but every so often it drops and everything seems to go in slow motion. I feel dizzy and somewhat incohearant. I have to think of what i am going to say before i say something. is this normal? how can I fix these problems?

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SteveMellen10 2009-05-08 22:06:06 -0500 Report

Getting a grip on the whole thing is a challenge. No pearls of wisdom beyond what has already been said. Good luck & wish you the best!

P2putt 2009-04-13 09:31:17 -0500 Report

Don't be sooo hard on yourself. I experience similar cravyngs. There are times I go into what I call "carbo-colic frenzies".During these times I can't seem to have enough carbs. This happened as recently as last evening. What has helped me is trying to keep my blood sugar in an acceptable range. Do not skip meals. Now this may sound strange, but here goes. I frequently confuse dehydration with hunger. I also try to go to sleep before my FRENZZY sets in. Good luck.Pete

dj7110 2009-04-12 16:03:54 -0500 Report

diet cqan be tough, especially when firsat starting out. I am on a 70 carb limit with a 15 carb snack between meals. I have lost over 60lbs on this. feel I would of reached my goal of at least 100lbs by now had it not been my inability to exercise. best advice i can is eat every meal especially breakfast (weather hungry or not). keeps you from being hungry during the day. Also, if i ever go over carb amount I do it in morning or lunch and never supper. As these meals are most able to be burned off during the day. unlike a big meal and sleeping afterwards. best wishes& good luck, David

Blue 2009-04-12 13:33:15 -0500 Report

Hi Type2! I also crave the sugar, go on binges that leave me sluggish, etc! However, if I eat alot of sugar, I also try to eat protein so my sugar won't take a dive on me about an hour later. When your sugar drops too low, it definetely causes confusion as well as other nasty effects! When mine dropped, I would get real shaky, cranky, vision got blurry, then I would get extremely weak in my legs and arms. If it continued, I would start sweating huge drops and once that started I would start throwing up and couldn't hardly move. Not GOOD! Honestly speaking, we need to wean ourselves off the sugar, change to healthy eating habits and stick in there…it is NOT easy and is something I always struggle with! I hope this helps and look forward to hearing more from you! Blue

roshy 2009-04-02 15:36:19 -0500 Report

a few simple yet effective tips for ya!! (fairly obvious ones)

drink plenty of water throughout the day- half of the time our body isnt hungry ;its thirsty so when u feel hunry drink a glass of water and then see how you feel

Sleep well go to bed at a regular time and catch a good night sleep

eat healthy as you can, plenty of fruits and veggies

Try and create a structure throughout the day eg for eating regular meals, exercising(30 minutes min)

Lanore 2009-04-02 10:09:17 -0500 Report

Hi type 2,

I have a few meters if you need one. I will send one to you. You need to start testing your B/S. You will still need to get the strips for the meter. How can you know how you are doing if you don't test. It is one of the most important thing you can do for your self. Let me know about the meter. Lanore

Antique-Dave 2009-03-31 21:39:18 -0500 Report

I was not eating right, and could polish off a box of those brownies in a minute as well. We are not financially secure either but we do cook a lot at home. I've only been at this for two weeks but I too was skipping one or two meals sometimes during the day and eating pretty much non stop from 4PM to 11PM and drinking a lot of pop, kool aid and sugary fruit jucies.

I stopped drinking those sugar filled drinks the first day and within 3 days I was sleeping 4 to 5 hours straight and within a week I was only gettng up once during the night.

Some of the things we are buying for food do cost more but what I spent on fast food, pop, brownies etc really added up and the cost seems to be balancing out between what I spent for junk food and what I've been buying lately.

I've been eating 3 meals a day, consistently for 2 weeks, and I start out each morning with a glass of Metamucil before breakfast. I am surprised at how much my hunger has abated and that like the taco bell commercial I feel full after a meal.

My excessive thirst is gone too, a glass is enough where before a pitcher was just a start. I guess what I'm saying is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get some positive results.

Sarguillo 2009-04-01 11:35:17 -0500 Report

Been there, done that. I used to be known at a local resturant as a big drinker. They would brind eveyone in our party a glass, but for me, they would put a glass of ice tea and then a pitcher of ice tea in front of me. Tht kept me from asking for refills during the meal. Now that I am under control, I find that a single glass of ice tea will sufice. Weird what Diabettes will make a person do.

Sarguillo 2009-03-30 17:06:02 -0500 Report

sounds like you have more than just one issue. Dont take offense. First off, you need to test your Blood sugars. No two ways about it. If you cant get your supplies by buying them, then there are other options. There are threads in this site for those who have no insurance or little insurance. You can get a free meter from One Touch. The ultra mini. I got one as a back up to my regular meter. Uses the same test strips as my regual meter. Walmart has them on sale for #13.00 currently. Contact them and they might help you with the cost of your strips. check out your local community hospital or free clinic. There has to be one in your area somewhere. Find someone who is diabetic who has insurance that their prescription is larger then they use, They might be able to help out with a few strips now and then. I have even heard some people buying strips and stuff on ebay. as for loosing weight, Portion control. you cant eat a box of little debbies. Eat one now and then as a treat. work it into your diet. Lower carb diet seems to work for us. Dump the white sliced bread. no good for you. Eat more vegtables. Watch your fats and cholesteral. If you are going to eat a sandwich, put your fixins in green leaf lettuce. it will hold your fixins for you. I drink tea when I am eating out. Walmart has fake Crytal light type soft drink. Like cool aide but with fake sugar. I cant stress, you need to get under a doctors care and you need to test. There are low cost solutions for some of your issues. Please, do the research and look for them. We can will help out with information as much as is possible.

rbergman 2009-03-30 17:05:21 -0500 Report

A few suggestions…after reading your response to Shelia…apply for Medicaid with the state, talk to your doctor about free samples, and check with other local charitable organizations in your area to help defer or pay the cost of your testing supplies..and I'm assuming, medications. Some people are just too proud to do such things but in this day and age you do what you need to do to survive and if your not able to test there is hardly a way to get your diabetes under control just by the "feelings of highs or lows" you have, you need to know the numbers and treat appropriately. I feel for you, I'm in nearly the same boat and my doctor was able to get me on medications that are $10/3mo at wal-mart and others she gives me samples from her office. Testing supplies are where it really hits your wallet but it is a necessity. There are meters out there with cheaper testing strips, the reli-on brand is about the cheapest and the strips are at least half of the cost of major brand name meters and the results really aren't that different.
A couple websites you may check out are www.diabetesandmore.com and www.overstockdrugstore.com for cheaper supplies, overstock has dinged and dented boxes but the supplies inside are just fine for use.
Yes, your eating habits are also out of whack and counting carbs would help but, different carbs react differently in some people so without being able to test your blood glucose levels it would also be nearly impossible to figure out the proper diet plan for yourself.
Please, check out the websites for discounts and talk to the doctor about samples of meds if you can't afford what you need and again, there are many charitable organizations that can offer help as well. Another thought…www.diabeticrockstar.com is a website that takes donations of supplies from those that can afford to donate them, and then they give them to people in situations like yours free of charge, check them out as well please.


JoyceAnn - 33595
JoyceAnn - 33595 2009-04-02 15:01:45 -0500 Report

I got on disability for my diabetes, my heart, and lungs. They gave me medicade and medicare. With that I get all my testing supplies at no cost. That is a blessing. My meds I pay 1.10 for generic and 3.20 for name brand. So the medicare and medicade help. You have to watch out though on which company handles the medicare part D prescription plans that you have to join if you are on medicade. Some of them will charge you an arm and a leg for premiums. There are alot of companies that if you are low income do not charge you any premium at all. Whatever you do though, do not join EVERCARE through United Health. That will really mess you up. Bad bad experience I had with those people, let me tell ya!

lipsie 2009-03-30 16:11:30 -0500 Report

Hiya there, nice to meet you. I am no doctor but just wondering if you are testing your sugars for one? Sounds like they are flucuating to me. And when your sugar is high if you didn't know, you feel hungry, your body feels like it did not get enough…etc. But lows, sounds like you have had some bad ones and you should talk to your doctor about all this to get straight. And yes what you described was lows, dizzy, extreme hunger, like you are not in control of your own body what so ever..and really you are not. So please get check okay? Good luck! Sheila

Type22epyT 2009-03-30 16:44:08 -0500 Report

Sheila, I have not been testing my blood sugar because I cannot afford it. I am living on my wife's unemployment right now and 350 a week doesn't stretch very far. I was on a government funded program last year that was free but then i married Kathi and my insurance skyrocketed to 67 dollars a month. theres just no way I can buy diabetic testing supplies. So I make due with trying to control my diet the best way I know how. I eat when I'm hungry and when my sugar drops I eat sugar to bring it back up. It's very hard for us poor folks to buy needed food to take care of their diabetes.

freddyg2u 2009-04-02 11:49:07 -0500 Report

It sounds to me like you are defeating yourself at every turn in the road. There is help out there and you need to talk to your health care physician ASAP.
Sugar destroys your cells and your pancrease cannot keep up with the insulin it makes when you use too much.

No matter how you try to control your blood sugar levels, it won't work until you get yourself out of denial and start to understand that diabetese isn't a death sentence but it can be without control. God Bless you Sir, Freddyg

JoyceAnn - 33595
JoyceAnn - 33595 2009-04-02 14:56:25 -0500 Report

Boy, do I know about how hard it is for us poor folk to get the foods we need to help control our blood sugars. My husband and I live on our disability checks. We make only $1036 a month. By the time you get done with the household bills (utilities, and personal taxable items and what not) we are lucky to have enough to get food. So I thought we would get food stamps. What a joke! I even thought it would help to get a note from my doctor telling them that I have to have a strict diet. We got $101 in assistance. Sometimes that is all we have to live on for one month for the two of us. Then when my sugars start going all over the charts, the doctors have the gall to say I should be eating more fresh friut & veggies, and all that good stuff. Easy for them to sit and say that on the paychecks that they are getting. I would love for them to live on what we do and then tell me something.

roger 2009-04-02 17:57:37 -0500 Report

ask your dr for sampels be up frount about your income and they can point you in the right place . ps i pay 67 a week for the two of us and am in the same boat have to ask for sampels.

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