Diabetariffics for Kids (or for the kid inside of us)

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I wrote about this word a while ago for us adults to use as a positive word during days when things are just depressing. Then I thought about a few kids I know and heard from them this week about some things they had been going through during the week. They were in between begin really depressed and just mildly depressed.
Mostly there problems were with parents nagging them about taking their blood glucose or their insulin and stuff that I would expect. So they asked for my opinion and I said to them have a diabetariffic day. They asked what did that mean so I explained it to them and then I thought I would share that here with the kids from this site.

So diabetariffics is a word that I came up with on a very bad day. I was having a low blood sugar day and a depressing day and I looked for a word that would mean something to me and cheer me up. We;; I came up with diabetariffic. It made me laugh when I said it and it continued to make me smile afterwards thinking about it. Then I started to share the word with others and saw what it did for them. Then I knew I had hit on something. A word that could bring people out of a bad day or a bad moment. I can't say it will work for everyone but so far I haven't had a strikeout yet. The kids asked how they could use the word and I said well when you get frustrated about your parents asking you (because they care, not to nag) about your blood glucose or insulin, just think diabetariffic. Instead of giving them a smart answer. Wish them a great diabetariffic day and move on. Think happy thoughts. I know corny right? but look at it this way, giving them something to think about changes the picture. Giving them something to ponder changes their attitude and yours. So what you think is nagging becomes a parents concern and what they think you said smartly becomes a nice comment back to them. Come on it won't hurt.
When you are having a bad day and then your parents come to ask you something and you get frustrated even more thin diabetariffic first, then comment back. Think happy or better first.
I am not asking you to do that much. Put diabetariffic in your head and keep it there. Never lose it or forget it.
What is it about parents and our concern for them that gets to kids. Were we like that when we were younger? Sometimes I try and think back to my Dad and remember the times when I would answer him back on a bad day I was having. We were never allowed to have bad days. We were kids. Kids don't have bad days so there was no need to smart remarks. As I remember it I had bad day and I needed a word like diabetariffic to make the day change.
So now there is a word to take that day away and start over. Especially on days when you get up late and you are running around trying to get ready and you are miserable and your parents come into your room to ask you something and just when you are ready to make a smart remark back to them and ruing their day and yours, think DIABETARIFFIC and wish them a diabetriffic day and one to yourself for remembering. You too deserve a day like that. Look into the mirror and say it to yourself before you walk into the kitchen. Say it in the bath while getting ready. ell it out loud before you make that smart remark and save yourself some grief.
Thank aboutit. That word could save you a very miserable day after talking back to your parents. Plus using that word will make their day and your that much better, I promise.
HAve a diabetariffic day. Always.

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Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2009-03-30 11:52:28 -0500 Report

Mark, as a parent I think that is a great way to put it…I know kids struggle daily and are not always in the best of moods…who would be?…I am going to relay this to my son…You have a very diabetarriffics day! Take care.


markjohn1 2009-03-30 12:19:29 -0500 Report

I hope this helps Frstrated Mom. I know how it is. Actually it works in reverse for me. The kids nag me to take my insulin and BG so I have to think before I react and tell thsm Happy Diabetariffics. So it works both ways, incase you are wondering. LOL

Sometimes I want to kill the kids like they must want to kill me over nagging for chores to be done. They nag for meds. It gets real funny around the house. They tell their Mom on me if I forget my BG or forget meds. i sit there and take it from Mom but then I get them the next day for telling by having more fun hiding the tools they need to do chores. Keeps them honest.

Ues it anyway you see fit and have a very Diabetariffic day and same to your son.

lipsie 2009-03-30 02:33:43 -0500 Report

Hey Mark, good to hear from you. I was VERY touched this week by your writting. That was a very very impressive way to deal w/ the childern and their tough times. It's got to tough for them, I mean just being a kid is… nag this, nag that, is your room clean, brush your teeth, BUT w/ Diabeties and the care involved on top of their life I just can't imagine what they go thru AND what their parents go thru too! So yes, I think that was a fabulous way of going w/ this. And though I personally don't get too chipper w/ the word, I do admit I do smile…I smile reading it, reading others saying it in response. So thank you for being such a inspiration to the children to work w/ and us, your friends here. Sheila

markjohn1 2009-03-30 12:16:18 -0500 Report

Thanks for the kid words and even though it doesn't make you chipper I am glad it makes you mile. You just need to try saying it a few times and get tongue tied like me. Then it will make you laugh or cry like me. I was so pset trying to figure out how to spell this word I was laughing so hard I cried.
Anyway I hope it helps just a little

Momto3 2009-03-29 22:02:16 -0500 Report

Hey mark - what a diabeterrific idea!!! I hope your day tomorrow is the diabeterrificest day ever!!!

markjohn1 2009-03-30 12:14:44 -0500 Report

Thank you for your comments. I have found this to work for many people and many parents and grand parents as the case may be. Mainly it worked for me and I felt I would share it with everyone. Now I use it for the Radio show and soon the TV show so the word will be getting out there I hope.