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I haven't been able to post this on the events page and since it is motivational I thought I would post it here.
starting this week the radio show I host will be on 4 nights a week. Tuesday thru Fridays from 6pm to 7pm Pacific standard Time. The show is a call in show. You can either call in by phone(which it is a toll call for some) or click to talk on your computer(the free way) or type to chat(which I also monitor while talking) so there are many ways to join in. The talk is all about diabetes. I talk about news, food, nutrition,fitness(I have someone talk about that) and anything else that comes up in the conversation. No topic is out of bounds. We talk about motivation and how to get it. we talk aboue animals with diabetes. We talk just about anything we can think of that deals with diabetes. So call in and join in and let's learn and have fun. I am gearing up for a television version of the show soon and that also will be on the web.

The address for the show is Once there they ask you to sign in and they explain the rest.
I hope to have most of you there in the coming weeks.

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