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Okay, its my understanding as a Diabetic you are prone to the skin issues, sores, what have you, am I right first should I ask? And second IF this is the case its usually when your sugars are out of control right? Well, what if you are having irrittions, umm blisters even BUT my sugars have been running the same for me…yeah maybe once a day I have a shot from the sliding scale but this has been going on. I dunno, I am just VERY frustrated here, in extreme pain, SITTING on these blisters mind you, so I am desperate to figure this out. I did go to ER, got a cream that's not helping and can't see my family doctor until Friday on my scheduled appt. ULGH! HELP please! lol Sorry to be such a pain, thank you so much ya all. Always Sheila

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Shelia, Skin blisters here also. I use clobetasol ointment on them. I also use Curel Ultra Healing intensive lotion for extra dry skin. On my feet I use baby Aquaphor on my feet on the bottoms only.Then don socks.Aquaphor helps immensley on anything dry. yes, the blisters are itchy and painful but I think I have found a way to prevent them. If blood suars are high .or very low I begin itching. Sometimes if it is really intense I am allowed to take 100 mg of bebadryl. One of my immunologists suggested Zyrtec i50mg and Zantac 1 at bedtime because theiir side efeect have been found to relieve blisters. I used it for about 10 yrs and then it stopped working. My doc told me it was an autoimmune response.

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