Can we get back to some diabetes stuff...

By Goddess Latest Reply 2009-03-27 10:35:27 -0500
Started 2009-03-26 09:05:21 -0500

Diabetes is what this is about and this anomoymous and other subjects have been run intio the ground.

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Richard157 2009-03-27 09:35:19 -0500 Report

I have not been posting here much at all for about a week because of this problem. If some solid diabetes topics do not return soon I will probably take this site off my list. There are many other sites that stick to diabetes with no problems at all. I really liked this site for awhile but it is of very little interest to me now.

jsd2005 2009-03-27 10:35:27 -0500 Report

I don't want to cause a problem. I merely want to stick to the issues. I cant offer help on what I don't know. However, am more than willing to offer suggestions on the things I do know about.

alwaystryin 2009-03-27 08:58:49 -0500 Report

Cmon folks. It appears some people here cannot see the forest through the trees, and have some serious time management issues. If they were able to bottle up that anger and childlike behavior, and open and and use it in a POSITIVE manner, mainly using that time to help better manage their life, and disease.

And it seems apparent to me that keeping discussions in context with the category would keep things on point.

GabbyPA 2009-03-27 08:37:30 -0500 Report

OMG...we are acting like school kids.

If you don't like a post, don't read it. If you don't like the anonymos tag, it really is not a big deal.
If you don't like the site, then stop coming. You don't have to make an announcement about it and hope someone will beg you to stay. You don't need to cause a fight over something small. We don't act much like tempered adults a lot of times.

The reason posts that are not related continue is because we make replys to them.
If you want more diabetic topics, then post some. Don't wait for someone else to take charge.
Quit the cliques that bully up on other people. Just don't participate in what you don't like.

No site is going to be perfect because we are all individuals. We have differnt priorities. We just need to be adult enough to move on, without fanfare.

Momto3 2009-03-27 08:41:51 -0500 Report

I absolutely agree - being new to this site I would like to learn about how to cope with diabetes and live my life to the fullest…most of the comments have been helpful, some not. I agree with Gabby - we need to steer these conversations into the direction we need to go in.

Anonymous 2009-03-26 10:15:58 -0500 Report

I have to agree and yet there are how many good morn, night and evening's up???
Umm 11 at last count. Maybe you need to pratice what you preach??
And i guess we can go under anonymous if we feel a need to do it that way. And believe me there is a need at time. Some ppl just like to start trouble.
I for one would love to get back to what this site is all about. DIABETES

I have stopped coming so much because of all the crap.

Anonymous 2009-03-26 09:21:22 -0500 Report

There are just too many BS (and I don't mean blood sugar) discussions going on lately, if it doesn't pertain to diabetes or the emotions that go along with having diabetes save it for My Space or Face Book, DC is NOT the place for condemning others on the site!

2009-03-26 09:08:16 -0500 Report

Thank you Diane. I still consider myself newly diagnosed and I need diabetic discussions. Good point and thank you. Angie

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