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Anonymity is derived from the Greek word "without meaning." The term refers to a person and means that the personal identity or personally identifiable information of that person is not know and cannot be known. However , the big reason for anonymity is concerned with hiding a person's legal identity.Anonymity is a result of not having identifying characteristics. This can occur from lack of interest or through intentional efforts to hide their characteristics.

There are several reasons a person might choose this route. Several of these reason are legitimate and legal. Some are acts of charity. There are also many illegal reason to hide behind anonymity. Anonymity reduces the accountability of the individual for one's actions and removes the impact of these actions. this can have dramatic effects, both useful and harmful. Usually, it allows one to reveal personal feelings without fear or repercussion or embarrassment. Attempts at anonymity are not always met with support from society. the general trend is to mistrust someone who makes an effort to maintain their anonymity. This sums up the statement, " you wouldn't stay anonymous, unless you had something to hide." There is no legitimate reason for doing so. If there is, i would love to hear it. It is a method to create a pseudo-identification for that person. regarding the internet and anonymity it allows one to to make posts creating more expression and less accountability.

I guess that's my point, at least let me respond to you. Anonymity gains no respect here.

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alwaystryin 2009-03-29 09:50:03 -0500 Report

SO many good comments, so little patience. But I promised to show restraint to this issue specifically, and will honor that promise. But all these comments surely made my case (at least to me)

alwaystryin 2009-03-28 15:34:11 -0500 Report

I wish I would have looked further and found this discussion the other day. Medical records are private. I am searching long and hard to understand the 'anonymous' needs on many site's, this one perhaps also. But I am here (especially now) to follow the rules and be more understanding.

GabbyPA 2009-03-27 08:11:54 -0500 Report

It does have it place and unfortunately, like most things, it gets abused. Wouldn't it be so cool if we were nice and priased people and helped people and used anonymity? That makes it totally selfless.

Though, once you have been on here for a while, you know how people write and what they tend to say. And even if they are using the Private mode...a lot of us know who you are anyway. Specially the ones who use it to be mean.

roshy 2009-03-26 15:01:54 -0500 Report

It also allows those to ask embarrasing medical questions or advice to other members without feeling the negative aspects of the embarrasment!! it is a useful tool on the site i think but it is a shame when people abuse it to critasize and be rude/mean to others!

2009-03-27 22:23:03 -0500 Report

That's right Roshy!!! I've seen a discussion posted about sex, and the poor person probably didn't further post anything else because of embarassment!

If you don't like what a person has to say if they are posting as anonymous, don't let it get to you, let it roll off your back. BUT, if it does get to you, perhaps you have offended someone, and you should think about what you posted?

Just a thought.
P.S.- I can't believe this is even in discussion, to be honest.

sparkysmom 2009-03-26 12:36:40 -0500 Report

it is a personal choice and everybody on this site deserves respect. if you feel bad aboujt answering them don't. that is your personal choice. don't be upset. that is just mho. hugs jackie

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-03-26 09:19:51 -0500 Report

Thank you to everyone who has voiced their opinion on this topic in a mature, respectful manner.

We created the ability to post anonymously because we thought at times there may be sensitive health topics that someone might want to address or question but would rather not let the whole community know about it. We have seen some who have abused the anonymous feature by using it to make hurtful comments. But we have also seen it used precisely as it was intended. For now, we feel like the good far outweighs the bad.

We do welcome all your input and again appreciate the mature manner that everyone has responded with.

MeiMei 2009-03-26 08:50:24 -0500 Report

In this day and age witholding someones medical information from the internet may be a good idea with all of the predators out there ready and willing to take advantage of them. I respect a person's right to remain anonymous especially on the internet. For me, I don't really care what happens with my information, it's not like anyone can do anything with it.

jsd2005 2009-03-26 08:43:03 -0500 Report

The whole idea is why? I have difficulty replying to someone I don't know. No problem or i guess my problem. i just think it's senseless. It's cowardess

rbergman 2009-03-26 08:54:37 -0500 Report

Ok excuse me BUT you just said you have a problem with responding to someone you don't know…HELLO you DON'T know any of us anyway, how do you know we are using our real pictures, and what does our names we choose to post under tell you anyway??? This is a website without webcam ability so you can't see us, you don't know us and quite frankly this whole discussion makes absolutely no sense to even be posted.
I am a very open person, and sometimes I may say more than I should have and I may even hurt someones feelings, though unintentional it happens. Others are not like me and I wouldn't expect them to be, if they choose to only comment or post under "private" or "anonymous" that is their choice, it DOES NOT mean they are any less important questions they may be asking.
These are the kind of posts that burn my butt, do you not have anything better to do but pick on someone else on the site for the way they choose to post a discussion or a comment, please, get a life, and while we are on the subject, YOU have your personal information blocked on YOUR profile jsd, so how does that make you any different from those that post as anonymous????
This is just wrong to pick on others when you yourself are hiding information as well!
You list yourself as a healthcare professional yet patient confidentiality is the Cardinal Rule in the medical profession so you of all people should understand anonymity better than most of us…

jsd2005 2009-03-26 11:16:47 -0500 Report

anonymity, just doesn't make any sense to me. We are all here to discuss or talk about needs or concerns. Why hide when you can or should say what you feel and be obvious about it. It creates respect.

rbergman 2009-03-26 14:10:31 -0500 Report

And again I remind you, you yourself chose to not disclose certain information, how is that any different. You aren't very obvious about your profile information so why should it matter that others aren't?
This will be the last comment I make on this discussion as I am finding it pointless. There is no getting through to you on this subject but you can't condemn others for hiding things when you yourself are doing the same thing.

jsd2005 2009-03-27 12:31:01 -0500 Report

Okay, I won't reply regarding anonymous anymore. Everyone has their choice. Whatever, I guess if you want to say something, say it!

jsd2005 2009-03-26 17:35:24 -0500 Report

Yes, it is their choice. I just have trouble understanding why they would want to remain anonymous. if you have something to say, then say it without hiding.

jsd2005 2009-03-26 17:38:53 -0500 Report

I am a health care professional and I don't have anything to hide. I'm not violating HIIPA, or suggestions and information in hopes that someone will find it useful.

GabbyPA 2009-03-27 08:17:18 -0500 Report

I have to defend jsd2500 for his profile. I keep a lot of mine private as well. I don't need my info blabbered all over the interent. I don't use my real name either. Though here you all know me, I am fine with that. But the internet is a creepy place and keeping things private as far as personal information is different than posting here in Private mode. I don't use it...and it gets me into trouble sometimes. LOL. I understand it's use when dealing with sensitive or embarassing issues...but I don't at all condone it when people use it to be mean or belittling to others on the site. That is when I think it is a sad comment on the poster...even though often times we know who it is anyway.

jsd2005 2009-03-27 20:29:01 -0500 Report

Good comment. the nonsense has to stop and yes I do have my profile blocked, It's a personal decision. the anonymous comments that are rude and obnoxious are the one's that burn me. As I have said, maybe I'm posting in the wrong area. I just need help. I'm only trying to offer information that I hope can help. I'm really not trying to hide anything,