Programs or coupons for NovoLog Pen No insurance

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of any coupons or programs that would be able to reduce the cost of my mothers insulin. She was recently switched fro the oral meds to 2 types of insulin Levimir and NovoLog. But she has no insurance at this time and she is not qualified for Medicaid or any state programs. The pharmacy said there were coupons online but I have been unable to find any. My mom has gone 6 days now without her novolog insulin and has had to eat very little in order to keep her sugars at a decent level. Her Dr. was able to get her some samples from the drug reps that come but they haven't been to the office to get anymore.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-09 09:27:55 -0500 Report

Contact the pharmaceutical company that makes levimir and novolog and ask if they can send you some. Under Obamacare a lot of people who were not qualified for Medicaid can now qualify. I just qualified thankfully. Paying out of pocket was expensive.

Contact your state health department and find out if your mother qualifies for thier pharmacy assistance program if they have one.

I don't know how computer savvy you are but I just found a novolog savings plan at I also found this site
and this one

If I found them just by typing in the novolog coupon, I don't know how you didn't find it.