Diabetes Awareness Part II

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I left everyone the other day with all that I had to say about awareness as it pertains to the retail industry, but there is more and this is the par that is important.

See what awareness is really about is us letting people know about us. Interestingly since I have been getting involved in communities like this and the ones I am hosting I keep running into people who want to look and visit but because they are not diabetics they do not join. Some have said they don't feel they belong or they say, they thought it was only for diabetics.

Well the ones that I do get to talk too I let them know that all are invited and that in fact I would rather have them than a diabetic since a diabetic already knows what is what. Now it isn't that I am not trying to recruit diabetics. Don't get me wrong nor put words in my mouth. What I am saying is I want to get the non-diabetics on our communities also because they need to know. They need to learn and they need to see.

On the kids radio show the other morning, I told them over and over how they are our future. I told them that if they gave me a commitment of 1/2 hour a week then I would work with them to help change lives. That I would love to take the time to instruct them, empower them to go out and reach the people who need to be reached. I don't mean just the non-diabetics either. I mean everyone out there, but especially the non-diabetics.

Awareness is so important for diabetes and all diseases but I am here working on diabetes and here I stay.

I have found and I truly believe that kids can with the right message get thru to adults easier than adults can get to adults, in some cases. Sometimes just that little simple smile a child has will warm the heart of any adult and get them to listen. So why not use that to get an important message across? It's really not using someone or their smile. It is getting a message across that is ever so important.

Awareness is the missing part of diabetes. Awareness is the missing part of what we fight about daily. It's the missing part of everything.

Youth are our way of getting the word out and we intend to do that through our communities and communities we work with. Through video and audio presentations we will get the word out. Through presentations in person and speaking at engagements the word will get out.

The youth of today is our future and the future of this disease and I am proud to be working with this group and I have faith in this individuals.

I almost forgot a very important part of all of this. On both the adult and kid community we are starting a challenge for the year. The adult community will work on a 26 week time frame and the kids on a year long time frame. As part of the challenge for both groups, they both have to bring to the communities new individuals. These new members ( no limit) have to be diabetic or non-diabetic. They get more points towards the their total if the new members are non-diabetic. The incentive is there.


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You have some very good points here. I really admire your work/erffot. You are right about children touching adults hearting mores, my finace watched th video here yesterday and almost cried, and he don't gtt like that easy…it was his first REAL emotion about Diabieties since he's been diagnonoised that Iiiiiii'ge == caught from him. Anyhom, that's for your point of view. Sheila