weight loss for type 1's

By zobel Latest Reply 2009-03-26 13:01:26 -0500
Started 2009-03-23 23:57:21 -0500

help i would like to lose weight and do it safely.

how do you adjust insulin, food intake, and exersise to avoid lows, yet still lose weight

diaticions tend to avoid answering and docs say ask the diaticion

just looking for a way to start.

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DiabetesDiva 2009-03-25 19:39:56 -0500 Report

I lost 30 pounds when I was diagnosed. Working with my dietician, I used the booklet that came with my first meter, between 1500-1800 calories a day. Take a look at my photo section as I scanned the booklet. I changed the types of food I ate, but did not exercise (not good). I've kept the weight off for over a year. I plan to start going to a gym beginning this Friday. Good luck to you!

I'm a type 2, so it's probably different.

roshy 2009-03-25 15:28:37 -0500 Report

Insulin and exercise and food and sugars!! my god its like one big juggling act!! The best way is trial and error! You will have a number of lows when you first start off exercising! but eventualy you will get a balance. Try doing your exercise at the same time everyday, perhaps first thing in the morning. Your body will adapt better to a routine i found this helped my sugars stablise throughout the day!! It also helps wake you up!!

zobel 2009-03-25 19:34:37 -0500 Report

thanks, any hints on insulin reduction to weight loss and time (weeks/months) so i can gauge my progress and goals.

roshy 2009-03-26 13:01:26 -0500 Report

the only advice i can give you is record everything! down to insulin intake to food intake and also exercise that you take during the day1 if you record everything it will give you a good idea of routine patterns throughout the day! Your doctor will also be able to look over these readings and make some valuble ajustments to your insulin etc!

vgarrison 2009-03-24 12:42:07 -0500 Report

Exercise more is the best way. My endo has always told me that exercise is actually more important sometimes to a diabetic than their insulin (I am a type 1). The more you excercise the less insulin you will need to take…just make sure that you test yourself right before you exercise and keep a snack handy just in case…do not exercise longer than 30 minutes at a time…then test again…also test again 1 hour after your done…you body still burns energy after your done…

Good Luck!!


Sarguillo 2009-03-24 12:26:04 -0500 Report

Hello, Not a medical professional, I am T2 on insulin, so this is from my perpective. Lower carbs, More exersise. I would also test more often. Also, if the diatician wont speak with you about how to do this safely, then if you can, find a new one. That is their job, their profession to help you with this matter.