Kidney Disease Linked to Soda

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2009-04-04 21:25:05 -0500
Started 2009-03-22 17:41:07 -0500

I just read an article in the news paper today (Parade) in the "Stay Healthy" column by Dr. Ranit Mishori

The article says that women who drink 2 or more sodas per day increase their risk for CKD by twice as much. This did not apply to men or women who drink Diet Soda (but don't get me started on diet drinks either)
Geee, and they link it to the high fructose corn syrup. Surprise, surprise!

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roshy 2009-03-24 10:28:55 -0500 Report

What about fizzy water guys!!?? any objections!! ??

its my new thing now!! my pepsi max addiction was swirling way way outa control!!empty bottles of it everywhere!! in the car, in my locker under teh bed, in the bed!! cant hide it any more total coke head!! so ice cold fizzy water is actualy realy refreshing!! but is it worth CKD?

freddyg2u 2009-03-24 11:46:28 -0500 Report

One other thing no one seems to get is carbonated soda and like minded drinks with fizz, are like smelling the carbon dioxide from the exhaust of your car. It's no good for your whole body function. It changes your Ph levels from being to acidic, if your system is to acidic it
creates an environment where illnesses and diseases can live.

freddyg2u 2009-03-23 16:44:31 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby,
It's not just the fructose corn syrup but Aspartame as a sweetner in diet sodas. Do you know that it has been banned in Japan?
There are many different kinds of chemicals in soda and I wouldn't drink one in a 100 years. Good old City Gin (water) works for me and you can get Crystal Lite and add it to the water. Better safe than sorry. Take care & God Bless. Fred aka freddyg2u

GabbyPA 2009-03-24 09:15:27 -0500 Report

Oh, I have several posts on this site about Aspertame and Sucurlose. That is why I said don't get me started. I don't drink any soda of any kind any more. I went cold turkey when I started my research on artificial sweeteners. I don't have anything in our home that contains those two elements....Splenda and Neutra Sweet. So Crystal Lite is just as your ingredients. We only use natural sweeteners and we try to limit those a lot.
Soda is just a bad thing all the way around like Skip was saying. There are alot more things you can drink that are better for you.

SkipT 2009-03-23 16:32:56 -0500 Report

Soda is bad period. That goes for diet as well as regular. Nothing but empty calories and carbs in the regular and nothing but chemicals in the diet. Besides the news that regular soda consumption increases kidney disease they have found a 62% increase in Type 2 Diabetes in people drinking two diet sodas a day.

Lady - 34463
Lady - 34463 2009-04-04 21:25:05 -0500 Report

I have a question Does anyone know much about Splenda? I started using it when the aspartamine scare came to light. Now I've heard that Splenda isn't good for us either. They giveth and then they taketh away. :-(

lipsie 2009-03-23 15:23:17 -0500 Report

Ty n I are truly addicted to diet soda's and so sure we want off of them, lol We drink about TWO 2 liters of soda a day! I guess we wanna get healthy this plays a part into it, *sigh* something to think about! Sheila

DiabetesDiva 2009-03-23 12:51:08 -0500 Report

I stopped drinking sodas before I was diagnosed. I love Coke, but it was a New Year's resolution. I drink maybe one diet soda a week. It was hard to stop, especially when my job included FREE sodas. For me, I'd rather use the 4 carbs for something else.

Lady - 34463
Lady - 34463 2009-04-04 21:13:54 -0500 Report

Oh how I love my Diet Caf free Coke but I'm trying to leave it alone. Doing pretty good. But I still drink my coffee I drink Fuze now and H2O. Once in awhile I still drink my Coke.

soda lover dan
soda lover dan 2009-03-23 12:44:43 -0500 Report

aspartamine in diet soda is very bad for diabetics, also non-diabetics, I don't have the the proof on paper to tell you where to go, but a nurse showed me it at a hosipital. I'm addicted to Pepsi, Coke, but will not drink diet. as with any food or drink, I feel Balance is the key

Lady - 34463
Lady - 34463 2009-04-04 21:21:20 -0500 Report

I agree about aspartamine. One of the reasons I quit drinking Diet Coke and went to Fuze coffee and water, Green Tea but once I must confess I have a Diet coke. But I'm getting better. No willpower sometimes lol

2009-03-22 21:28:54 -0500 Report

I just read another article that links soda to heart disease! They don't know if it's something in the soda or if it's the lifestyle that a typical soda drinker maintains. (chips, fatty burgers etc…) This one didn't matter if it was diet or regular. Wonder if the new Zevia counts in there for either of these? I have one once in a while now that my store carries it. hmmmmmmmm watcha think?

Tried the Ginger Root Beer today.. mmm that was good just like the Natural Cola.


2009-03-22 18:19:57 -0500 Report

Upho… I just poured out my Coke I was drinking when I saw your discussion. I was told I could have 16 ounces of Coke (soda) per day. This was about all I was concerned with because I drank Coke all day long! I have unsweetened apple juice now, think I'll stick with that and lay the Cokes back down! I have seen too many discussions to know better! Take care, Angie

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-22 18:23:00 -0500 Report

Angie, I hope those were diet cokes(LOL)…Debe

2009-03-22 18:29:00 -0500 Report

Of couse not, I go for the hard stuff! lol Debe

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-22 18:11:15 -0500 Report

Gabby, I too read that article today in the paper. I think sodas(pop) may have something linked to kidney disease. I was an avid soda drinking morning, noon and night. I drank more soda(pop) before eating. I practically lived on soda(pop). I had kidney disease early. After about 30 years of diabetes I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I did dialysis and had my transplant. Everyone of my friends that were on dialysis also drank alot of soda(pop). But when you do dialysis, your fluid intake is VERY limited. I think if you would ask any dialysis pt if there was anything they could have what would it be? Soda(pop)!!!!…Debe

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