From insulin to pumps; Tell me- would you ever go back??

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So for those who have switched from shots to pumps or have always been on pump treatment; i have question(s) for ya- how was your experience from the switch over, would you ever go back to shots and has the pump impacted your life in a positive way?

I have had type one now for 5 years and when i was firstly diagnosed i was offered the pump but being a image contentious teen i didnt like the idea of being attached to a device through out the day. Now that i am older i can see all the benefits of the pump, the main one the more stable control over blood sugars.

One of my main problems with my diabetes is that i am not taking my shots at all!! This is out of pure lazyness, the time consuming aspect and other daily disturbances which happen throughout my week whether its college, work, or meeting friends or heading out!! A different type of treatment (such as the pump) may help me live a healthier life!! which is what i need because at this stage i feel like im just waiting until i go into a coma or something more serious.

So please offer me any advice or info on the switch over from shots to pump or even if you feel like i would be better off sticking to shots and just trying harder or what ever.Any suggestions are welcome !!

Thanks guys for your input. x

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Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2009-03-24 15:12:52 -0500 Report

I don't know how much I am gonna help, but my son is t1 for 4 years, he is not been taking care of himself and his Dr has suggested the pump, but my son refuses…The dr says that it will help him maintain his bs, but he still refuses and the dr's are going to let him make the descion. I am not sure how it all works, but it is worth looking into…Everyone that I have talked to say they would not go back to the shots. But I have talked to some that have had problems with the pump. good luck!!


roshy 2009-03-24 17:20:08 -0500 Report

yes, i have been in your sons position as i was diagnosed at 16 also and the idea of going onto the pump didnt seem like a cool option for a young teen!! but the doctors wont let me go onto the pump until i get everything under control!! and that seems like a long time away!! the shots are a treatment that just isnt working for me!! i need to change over or just change before everything blows up in my face! im a 21 now and have been type one for over five years and i can honestly say i have never felt in control even thogh i know the ins and outs of Diabetes. its worring and really frustrtating and extremely isolating. I need to start again!! be a born again Diabetic. I think its time i go back to the doctor.