DOgs for diabetics

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Has anyone heard, had any contact with these poeple? Service dogs that can smell the chemical compostition of you when your blood sugars are down?

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mosleep 2011-03-01 11:04:23 -0600 Report

I investigated this organization about 4 years ago, at which time they were only training dogs for folks who lived in a small area of California. I checked their website again recently, and looks as if they have expanded their service area to include OR, WA, and NV. I'm intrigued and would love to know what their success rate is. I raised a service dog 3 years ago, (with the idea that if she could recognize my lows, I'd ask if I could keep her, but she hasn't seemed to notice (in a meaningful waY) when my sugars are out of whack. She was released from the program, and we have now as a house pet, but I'd love to find a program that might be able to help us train her to alert to my bld sugar highs and lows.

2009-03-19 20:32:23 -0500 Report

I am a dog lover and this is great. I think it would be wonderful for all diabetics but especially for children. Dogs are so calming. Thank you for posting this! Angie

momwith juvie
momwith juvie 2009-03-19 18:43:29 -0500 Report

my son and i are in the prosses of getting a dog.they are amazing.they will train the dog first then they are going to train my son and me with the dog.i will let you know more as we get further in to it

firefightermom 2009-03-19 19:01:19 -0500 Report

wow! that is crazy cool!! Let me know for sure how it goes ok? That would be so great for when he doesn't realize the lows I haven't heard of that kind of training for dogs but what a blessing it would be for Q. love ya. take care.

2009-03-19 20:33:39 -0500 Report

Mom, please let us know when you get this dog. I think this is wonderful and so happy you have the chance to find such a special animal! Way to go! Angie

Mom and boys
Mom and boys 2009-03-19 16:27:23 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for this link. I have a friend whose daughter has an extremely rare disorder. I her case she can not keep her sugars up. This would be perfect!

2009-03-19 15:41:22 -0500 Report

I just read a news article on this subject that I found on this site. You might want to check it out. It was very interesting. I just read it within the past week and was submitted by Avera. It was about a boy with diabeties who had a service dog, and the school system he went too was banning him from bringing the dog to school.

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