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Hey there. I've been a type one diabetic since I was 15, so 13 years now. When I was younger I had great control over my levels, as of a couple years ago I have been having problems with this. I've been hospitalized several times in the past couple years for DKA. I have a fear of humalog (fast acting) because in the past I had a couple of bad lows. The doctors want to switch me to a pump, this in turn is making me very nervous. I also have really bad anxiety, which makes me run my numbers high which isn't helping. Any thoughts or advice? I know in the long term highs are bad but as far as switching to a pump?

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Chris Clement
Chris Clement 2014-07-15 12:32:07 -0500 Report

Pump man. 100%. I've ben pumping for about as long as you've been diabetic. Changed everything. If you are struggling to get your BG under control and are facing constant DKA, I think it will make a huge positive impact.

hantuni 2014-07-13 02:00:53 -0500 Report

I will say that it is a bit like a dog … The more time and effort you put in to it the more reward you get. … If you test often and give the pump as much info as you can then it really does change your life …

I will also note that I tried CGMs but they just weren't for me. I think my doctor/nurse didn't introduce me to them very well and I couldn't keep it on for the 2 week trial as it just really upset me. … Think I must have been a little too emotional that week :)

Let us know how you get on! Good luck!

jaydoubleyou23 2014-07-08 22:50:47 -0500 Report

Type one for two and a half years and went on the omnipod pump a year and a half ago. My pump uses humalog and it's the best decision I've ever made. Literally. It's so easy to use and I have wonderful control since getting on the pump. My a1c went down from an 8 to a 6 fast.

Type1Lou 2014-07-07 17:29:57 -0500 Report

I have been Type 1 for 38 years but didn't start pumping until 2011 because I had been getting more and more frequent and serious low blood sugar episodes. I had resisted pumping because I didn't want to be connected to something 24/7. Now, I'm kicking myself for having waited so long and hope I never have to go back to MDI (Multiple Daily Injections). The serious low BG's have virtually disappeared and my control is better with less insulin overall. You still have to be careful of your diet and count carbs to properly bolus. The pump allows you to reduce or turn off the level of basal insulin when you know you'll be exercising to avoid any lows. I'm using a Metronic Minimed Revel 523 pump and do not use a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). Medtronic's new Minimed 530G pump with Enlite integrates with a CGM to automatically intervene and temporarily suspend any insulin (for up to 2 hours) when the CGM reaches a pre-set low level for you. It is the first FDA approved device for first-generation artificial pancreases. There are many good pumps out there. Medtronic pumps have tubes and are not waterproof. Others are tubeless and are waterproof. If you are interested in comparisons, I'll try to find a link I saw that compares pumps. I'd advise "Go for it!"

Jeff82 2014-07-06 19:50:58 -0500 Report

I have been diabetic 31 years, and went on a pump 2 years ago after highs and had some polyps develop. I had used injections for 29 years, and things went great when I switched
I was hesitant to have things "hanging out of me" and doing the training, but it doesn't take long.
My sugars dropped, the polyps went away and my overnight lows have disappeared. Joshy I recommend switching, it is a little bit of commitment/work, bit it is worth every minute of your time.

kimfing 2014-07-06 13:36:35 -0500 Report

I have been t1 a little over a year, just got on the pump a week ago. I am still trying to get my basal rates dialed in. I love the convenience of it all. My husband has been on a pump 35 yrs and we believe that is what has helped him as he has all limbs n body parts :-). The only complication he has had was a torn retina.

hantuni 2014-07-06 13:32:48 -0500 Report

Hey I'm Hannah, I have been diabetic for 18/19 years and was similar to you, while I was young an living at home my sugars were good/acceptable,

but over the last 5 years I have moved out and bought my own place, with this came a very bad period with my diabetes, I was fitting many times a month with maybe three a year causing me to seizure severely, the rest just saw me fitting/shaking, making noises, blacking out and wetting the bed ect I lost my driving license, I think it's caused me to have memory issues but I've never sought help for this … I finally bit the bullet and told my Docters, I was given the choose of a pump, told it would really help

I like you panicked! the fitting ect had put a lot of strain on my relationship as Paul (my partner) had had to see and save me for these seizure, it had put a lot of strain on my body, it had put a lot of strain on my mental state, leaving me scared to go out of the flat on my own and needing to carry a big bag of food and information on my self with me in fear I'd loose Paul while I saw out with him and go low and He wouldn't be there to save me.

I decided I'd trial the pump! … It's now 1.5 years since I started pumping and I would never give it back! … From the day I wore it I never had a fit again! I slowly have gained my confidence back and I go out to most place quite bravely now.

Don't get me wrong you can still go low an high but it gives me so so much better control. If you have the chance take it with both hands! It'll change your life!


neverlowbg 2014-07-06 11:33:12 -0500 Report

Dude I was same way numbers high all the time dka icu and I was taking 400-600 units a day dr put me on pump and yes I was worried about the lows although I have never experienced one but on the pump my numbers have stayed right around 100-120 except when stressed they go to 150 but by checking bg often the pump keeps me corrected still have not had a low now I use 150-180 units every 3 days and my t2 issues have all but cleared up it took me about 2 weeks to get used to pump and a month to get numbers dialed in but now a correction here and there I have freedom again and no worries the pump was the best thing for me I love my pump

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