Taken action to improve diabetes do You have Motivation?

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Motivation has become a popular word nowadays. There are motivational coaches and speakers, and motivational books and articles. What is it actually, and why do you need it?

Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.

In order to get motivated, you need to know exactly what it is that you want, to possess a strong desire, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

More than often there is lack of motivation or only a short-lived one. How many times have you started enthusiastically a weight loss program, began a bodybuilding or aerobics training program or started to learn a foreign language, only to stop after a short while? Few people possess enough willpower and self-discipline to go through to the end with what they begin..

It easier to show motivation in connection with a subject that is dear to you. If you desire something, but you don't feel motivated enough to act, this means that the desire is not important enough. To be motivated to take action and do something in respect to your desire, you need to possess a really strong desire.

Motivation has much to do with the emotions and the imagination, which means that if you want to increase it, you have to work on your feelings and imagination.

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morris.js 2008-07-19 12:10:46 -0500 Report

I do not think it is that people do not posess the ability to stay motivated, rather that their reason for motivation itself is not strong enough. For me, it was facing the possibilty of dieing in October of 2003 and leaving my then 11 year old son to face life in a foster home. That was a pretty good incentive to get started. Once I saw positive results, and the world started to change into a more enjoyable one, it became easier to stay motivated.
One just needs to look around themselves to see what is prescious to them. Then determine that they need to be at their best for that reason. Look at all the beauty in the world, don't focus on the horrors. Life truly is worth living to it's fullest if you just take the time to see that fact.
You can't take it all on at once, only little things at a time. Don't try to walk that 5 miles a day, just start with a few laps around your yard…LOL
Take simple staep, find the right reasons, and anyone can stay motivated to see their goals.
Yes, we all suffer, and have obstacles, but anything worth having is hard to get, or it would not be worth the effort.

butterfly_8 2008-07-19 06:22:33 -0500 Report

Motivation is needed by each one of us to follow through on our incintives and intentions.
Once you determine to live life to its fullest you are motivated to meet the challenges that diabetes presents to you.Most of us do not like to lose ,so we are motivated to beat this disease. We intend to hold steady until the cure is found. It may have been already.Can you imagine the money lost by the Drs. and the big drug companies once there is a cure?