How can I get into fish?

By lipsie Latest Reply 2009-03-20 17:52:29 -0500
Started 2009-03-15 13:53:33 -0500

For some reason I have this thing where I won't even try fish. Though I hear it is good for us. I just dunno how to get past it, the smell, the slimy stuff, any thoughts?

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lipsie 2009-03-20 17:52:29 -0500 Report

Just wanted to thank everybody that has come up with some thoughts for me to try. I will definately check into using these ways/items/etc. I appreciate every single one of you for your time. Thank you. Sheila

jsd2005 2009-03-20 16:09:58 -0500 Report

Broiled cod and catfish fillet's are excellent, easy to fix and a great tasting.Red Snapper is another great white fish, but a little more on the expensive side. I know Aldi's carries the catfish fillet's and they are very good. Broiled with just a touch of butter, lemon pepper spice and they are terrific tasting.

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2009-03-20 16:01:16 -0500 Report

Hi! I also have a hard time with fish.So we take fish oil capsels 3 times a day. I have learned to like salmon, but it is expensive. I just have a hard time with eyes looking at me. The smell is hard for me to get past with fish. After reading all thesee posts that we are going to try to learn to eat fish at least once a month. James said he will get rid of eyes and any gooky things. We have a friend that loves to eat fish soup. It has eyes, fins and other things.(yukie) I refuse to eat out with him if he going to have that soup:) Don't feel bad if you can't eat fish, there are many people that can't eat fish.
PS I will never eat raw fish (sushi).
Your Friend

Sarguillo 2009-03-20 14:52:51 -0500 Report

There is always the old stand by, Fish sticks. Not so good of fish, but still fish. May I recomend when you go out and somone with your group is eating fish, try it out and if you like it, ask how it was prepared. Most resturants would not mind giving a recipe away as it makes some of them feel good. Me personally, I like tuna with lots of mayo and onions and relish. Put it on a half bun. Put some cheese over it and pop it into a toaster oven. If you reallly like the bread toasted, toasted it aprat first, but make sure you dont burn the bottom with the second heating, the one with the toppings. Good luck.

2catty 2009-03-19 15:38:44 -0500 Report

Yeah I have the same problem. I know it is good for me but I can't stand the taste or smell. I have tried every way there is and still don't like it. With the exception of Captain D's fish which is not that good for you. But I do treat myself on occasion. I also hate seafood in general. Can't stand the stuff.

lipsie 2009-03-19 21:21:07 -0500 Report

yeah, but I have not even tried any of this stuff yet, I just got to take a chance and TRY…hey ya never know though. Sheila

2catty 2009-03-19 21:39:45 -0500 Report

Oh so you haven't got the nerve up to try yet? I have tried many times in hoping that I would find a healthy way to eat fish and that way I would have many different alternatives for dinner. But I hate them all. I wish I didn't but I do. My husband loves seafood, fish, shrimp, oysters you name it. Even the ones with the face on it. Ewww, if it can look at me I ain't eatin it.

lipsie 2009-03-19 03:13:59 -0500 Report

Thank you all for you advice here, I am definately going to give a go at it, just dunno what and when yet…lol I actually looked at that area in the store the other day at least finally…I'll get there and when I do you all will definately here what I think, and like ya said…trial and error cuz I may not like certain kinds I do realize that so I won't just give up…I have already had that pep talk with myself (I talk with myself quite often, don't mind me, lol). But again, thank you all, so many different choices now…lol But I'll get there. Sheila

vgarrison 2009-03-19 00:29:29 -0500 Report


Hey when I was younger my Grandma taught me the best tip in the entire world. If you poach the fish with chicken broth, it takes the "fishy" taste out, but doesn't add alot of fat or calories. I have done this to cod, tilapia, as well as halibut. I have never tried salmon this way though. Thank goodness now that I am older I love fish…I have wrapped it in tin foil with a small piece of butter and a lemon wedge and baked it in the oven…oh my that is good as well!!

Try it different ways…there are some ways I like much better than other..just a trial and error thing I think.

Good Luck! If all else fails, take Omega-3 capsuls…LOL


kdroberts 2009-03-19 08:04:58 -0500 Report

"I have wrapped it in tin foil with a small piece of butter and a lemon wedge and baked it in the oven"

If you want a little variation on that, put a few slices of crimini (sometimes sold as baby portabello) or baby bella mushrooms and a little dill in the package.

sparkysmom 2009-03-18 20:53:14 -0500 Report

Make friends with the fish marget guy where you shop. Mine always lets me know when they have American caught fish in. I try to only buy American caught.

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-03-19 00:17:07 -0500 Report

What's wrong with the Canadian-fisheries? Icelandic cod? We are lucky here in Seattle because we can buy right off the fishing boats at Fishermen's Terminal. I am sure that other ports have similar opportunities for fresh seafood, but I didn't check it out.

kdroberts 2009-03-19 08:00:01 -0500 Report

Nothing wrong with some Canadian caught fish but, as with a lot of countries, a lot of farm raised fish have a pretty negative impact on the environment and/or are not kept in the best conditions. Some Canadian farms are very good, but not all are and unless you know the farm the fish is coming from it makes things quite hard.

Icelandic cod, well Atlantic cod in general (also known as Scrod and Whitefish), has been over fished for decades and is now in not so great shape. The wild stock is rated as vulnerable which is one step up from endangered and means there is a high risk of it becoming extinct in the wild. It was on the endangered list a few years ago but there was some argument about that and I think it got lowered but it may still be endangered. Because of this it's marked as "avoid" on seafood watch. Pacific cod (also known as Alaska Cod, True Cod and Grey Cod) is a good choice because there is much, much more of it. Line caught is best, trawl caught is a good choice if you can't get line caught.

Buying American caught is not a bad policy but there are a number of common fish that are US caught that are not good choices either because of mercury content, pollution fears or poor environment and sustainability.

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-03-19 15:03:32 -0500 Report

I was thinking of wild fish, and had forgotten about the farmed fish —- which to a former Alaskan are not fish at all…

kdroberts 2009-03-19 15:16:32 -0500 Report

I was talking wild fish for the Atlantic cod. If we're not careful there will be none left in the not too distant future.

However, farmed fish does have it's place,it just has to be the right fish and right farm. There are a lot of farms in Alaska that are good.

sparkysmom 2009-03-19 21:18:29 -0500 Report

Brain Dead here. I consider Canadian fish good. I try not to eat China,Peru and Farm raised fish. Recently I have been trying to do more research on the types of fish that are good to eat. I sure miss living in the Pacific Northwest and catching my own. I haven't gotten use to eating the catfish most folks down here like. I LOVE Alaskan salmon and Sea Bass. What are some other good fish? Are other types of sea food considered fish when it comes to eating?

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-03-20 13:35:43 -0500 Report

I never back down from a chance to learn something new— I just Googled "fish farms + Alaska", and didn't see any new news, just older references to Alaska fishermen being against a federal bill to allow farming of fin-fishing. The Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute has always made such a big deal that Alaska sea food is wild. I've lived in Juneau and Sitka (besides Achorage) where the economy is dependent on the seafood industry, and have had conversations with people from the fishery tech center in Kodiak that strive to make use use of every bit of the catch — can you believe they were working on extruded fish puffs similar to Cheetos?

This web site offers a great explanation of "ranching" where the typcial salmon hatchery is used, as well as a crab program for reintroducing a certain species. The higher percentage of "ranched species of salmon that are caught are used for processing as in canning and frozen dinners. Chinooks and sockeyes are premium-priced both in the restuarants and grocery stores and have the most omega 3 fatty acids.

Of course, oysters are "farmed" (near Valdez) but none of the other crustaceans or mollucsks are, that I could determine.

I should have majored in oceanology rather than home economics but I was unaware of that field way back in the 50s.

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-03-18 15:51:30 -0500 Report

Well, there's all that fish for the rest of us, such as salmon, halibut, shark, grouper, and the mollusks, and crustaceans… and then there are urchins, seaslugs, and other items found in Asian markets that I would eat only if I didn't know what they were.

SkipT 2009-03-15 20:02:15 -0500 Report

Shrimp also count as seafood as does lobster and scallops, just do eat them breaded. I by smoked salmon (also know as lox. I love it with cream cheese and eggs.

jsd2005 2009-03-15 19:22:50 -0500 Report

You can get fried fish that isn't slimy. My favorite is cod. You cook it in the oven add butter and it is wonderful. it is good for you. Also, if you have a George foreman grill, it is a great way to cook fish. Baked fish is great.

lipsie 2009-03-15 19:11:42 -0500 Report

Wow, thank you all, lots of suggestions and I do believe I will venture and attempt, I know there's many so if I don't like one I will try another suggestion. Thank you all! Sheila

2009-03-15 18:37:31 -0500 Report

I have fish at least once a day, some days twice! I love just about all of it. Gortons frozen Tilipia is mild and really good and not expensive. I also like their white fish too. If you can go fresh, orange roughy, halibut, mahi mahi and my favorite amberjack are all wonderful! I still HAVE TO HAVE garlic/butter sauce with it, not on the diabetic food list, lol, but I grew up eating this sauce with fish. I am a super picky eater and thank God for fish! Good luck Sheila, Angie

rbergman 2009-03-15 17:38:51 -0500 Report

I too don't care for fish, it tastes fishy to me lol, however we found a fairly inexpensive fish that I do actually like the flavor of, its called Pollock, it is in several stores in our area and comes with about 4-8 fillets per package and is already frozen but the fillet's are full length cuts not square processed fish. Anyway, give it a try.

kdroberts 2009-03-15 17:19:44 -0500 Report

Well, if it smells and is slimy I wouldn't touch it and I love fish! Fresh fish shouldn't smell much at all and should not be slimy. The thing to do is just try different ones in different preparations and see what you like. There are so many type and so many different ways to cook it that there will be something you like.

Have a look at this website and then download the fish list for your area Once you know the best fish in your area look at their seafood guide which gives info on the fish and it's flavor and you should be able to pick something that you think you'll like.

GabbyPA 2009-03-15 15:24:44 -0500 Report

I was right there with you. I grew up fishing when we went camping and I always hated the fish we caught. I found that I really don't care for fresh water fish too much, with a couple of exceptions.
Ah, but when you eat a piece of freshly caught sea food, it is wonderful. If you don't like too much of the smell, choose a milder fish like whiting or red snapper. Snapper is great, a lightly sweet fish that you can have broiled in just minutes and ready to serve. Another family favorite is Tilapia. Very mild, usually comes individually frozen, so you don't even have to mess with it too much. It is reasonably priced too.
Avoid the fish in the know the breadded and fried stix. Go for real and the fresher the better...and sometimes fresher is frozen.

I was joking this week that I hate cooking fish. I have to get myself motivated to do it, but once I do, I usually enjoy what I have made.
There are several great recipes on this site that I have used for fish. You just have to try it. You will find a few that you end up really liking if you just give it a try.
We have upped our fish eating from once a month to about 2 times a week. It took a while to get there, but we are enjoying it, and if you get to grill it this summer, you will like that. Pick up a tuna steak or king fish. Those grill really well.

lipsie 2009-03-15 16:16:20 -0500 Report

I just may do this! Ty just asked if I would try it and I said I just might. I don't cook though, but he said he could probably do it, he's allergic to fish so he can't. Sheila

caspersmama 2009-03-15 14:04:50 -0500 Report

Do you like tuna? If so, try a tuna fillet instead of in the can. Also salmon is good. Any white fish would be good. Also in the freezer section of the grocery store they have all kinds now that are baked not fried. I love Gorton's and Mrs Pauls, Gortons has a cajun one that is great with some veggies. Very mild, not expensive. Great with veggies or a salad. Hope you can try some soon. Fish is great for diabetics. My sugar stays in range when I eat it with veggies or a salad.

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