The Beauty Of Life!

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I found this video in my e-mail, and thought some of you might enjoy it. It's good to share a bit aside from the usual. Nothing to do with diabetes, but it's an eye catcher for sure. Enjoy!

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haoleboy 2014-07-07 20:32:45 -0500 Report

here is my nature distraction;

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-08 09:43:58 -0500 Report

Did you take the photos? Really nice.
In 2006 I had the opportunity to play an extra in a documentary for the History Channel. The documentary was about Abraham Lincoln. It was fun to do even though I ended up with a bad rash from the Wool skirt I had to wear when it was 103 outside.

It was filmed on the site of an actual Plantation House which included slave cabins and the family and slave graveyards. They had several Peacocks which are very interesting birds to watch. Once they got use to us they followed us around. They sound like a woman screaming for help and are very beautiful birds.

One of the scenes had us handcuffed and shackled. We were runaway slaves being returned to the plantation. Just as we were about finished the scene the peacocks started their cry and it sounded like all of the women screaming for help. It was hilarious. It took several shots to attempt to film the scene. Finally the curator was called and she came and got the peacocks to come to her for food so we could get the shot done.

Once the scene was done, they walked back up to the house with us. The curator gave us food for them. When they opened their plumes they were absolutely beautiful and I am not a bird person.

jigsaw 2014-07-08 08:25:47 -0500 Report

Fascinating birds! Did you do the photography?
I find birds to be quite interesting. We have various types of Herons, Egrets, Ringtail Plovers, Osprey, and various other hawks, Loons, Diving ducks, Turkey Buzzards, Owls, and the list goes on. These birds are all fairly common around here, and easily seen almost everyday with little or no effort. It's not uncommon to see an Osprey fly by with a large fish dangling from its talons. About A year or so ago, an Osprey dropped a flounder in my neighbors yard! Guess what he had for dinner that night? The Turkey vultures are great for cleaning up road kill! No need to call them, and no charge, they arrive on the seen and throughly clean up the mess. They can knock off a deer carcass in a couple of days, if not sooner. Yes, they are an extremely efficient and free of charge clean up crew! Don't get to friendly or close to them however, their breath really stinks, unlike seed and berry eaters. They certainly don't have the beauty of a Peacock, or the grace of a Hummer, that is until they begin to soar above the tree tops looking for their next meal. They hardly flap their wings as they expertly gliide above the air currents.

tabby9146 2014-07-08 12:14:56 -0500 Report

we have most of those birds where I live also. I love most birds. used to have a parakeet. I have several cats now, so no bird for a pet.

jigsaw 2014-07-08 14:31:46 -0500 Report

I love birds, and practically all animals! It's some people that I question! Animals are who and what they appear to be in most cases. With people, that's not always the case!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-07 11:09:54 -0500 Report

Beautiful. We took a planter dish and turned it into a birdbath. I will watch the dog try to figure out how to stop the birds from bathing and the kittens in the yard next door try to figure out how to get the birds. Animals are hilarious and fun to watch. It is also very relaxing.

jigsaw 2014-07-07 19:59:17 -0500 Report

They are very interesting, as well as entertaining! I use to enjoy watching my two dogs play. The 55 lb female would dominate the 90 lb male, but he would never hurt her. He just kind of put up with her. On the other hand, she had a nasty temper, and I had to train her not to get carried away with him.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-07 20:29:59 -0500 Report

I watch Riley communicate with the Pit Bull across the alley. The Pit will bark for Riley to come out then the antics begin. They are hilarious.

Rose67 2014-07-07 09:51:52 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing. Hummingbirds are my favorite birds. I see very few of them here.

jigsaw 2014-07-07 11:42:50 -0500 Report

They're are fairly common here on the coast of NC. Birds are amazingly interesting, beautiful and intelligent creatures! Hummingbirds are special though. There's really nothing wrong with having a bird brain!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-08 09:47:16 -0500 Report

We have them around Maryland. Someone gave us a bird feeder but I will never make it out into our yard. My sister has a bird phobia. Mom took us to the zoo and an EMU got out of its pen and was chasing her. She will step in a pen with a wild bear before she will go near a bird.

jigsaw 2014-07-08 14:40:42 -0500 Report

If she stepped in a pen with a wild bear, that would cure her of her bird phobia!

Just curious, did she out run the EMU? I know they can deliver a nasty kick!

camerashy 2014-07-06 23:57:34 -0500 Report

I'm at my mom's, playing nurse, and my sister lives next door. She had bought the DVD and brought it over for us to watch. It's cool. One thing about being at my mom's - being diabetic and living with a sugar junkie isn't the easiest thing I've ever done.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-07 11:07:38 -0500 Report

I live with a sugar junkie. Doesn't bother me at all when my sister walks by with cake and ice cream, a slice of pie or a candy bar. I just check my numbers to see if I can have a sliver of cake or pie. If not, I eat some fruit. I don't pay attention to what others are eating because I don't care what they eat.

jigsaw 2014-07-07 06:20:03 -0500 Report

Sugar junkie! That's a description of my wife! She loves to relish in a mouthful of ice cream, licking her lips, while I think things unmentionable!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-07 11:05:24 -0500 Report

Does that mean my mini chocolate chip cookies and ice cream I ate for dessert would have sent you for a spin? LOL I can't wait for my tongue to heal so I can have an ice cream cone or a Popsicle.

jigsaw 2014-07-07 18:01:54 -0500 Report

I haven't had an ice cream cone in years ! If I see you with an ice cream cone, I'll grab it away from you and eat it! Just for the heck of it! So there!!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-07 18:31:52 -0500 Report

You would take an ice cream cone from a poor defenseless lady? Then again this could be a challenge. I might need to come to NC.

jigsaw 2014-07-07 20:02:14 -0500 Report

Who's defenseless? Have you forgotten your right hook? or was it a left hook? Could be an upper cut! What ever it is, I'm gonna take your cone!!!

jigsaw 2014-07-08 08:31:51 -0500 Report

I was born and raised on the Island! Ya know what that means??? I can run like greased lightening! Once I get your cone, You'll never catch me!!! lol

jayabee52 2014-07-06 18:53:31 -0500 Report

interesting, I noted a bit of conflict between the hummingbirds starting at 00.20 or so

jigsaw 2014-07-07 06:22:22 -0500 Report

They are territorial. My wife has hummingbird feeders, and it's fairly common to see one chasing away another. They are fascinating creatures, aren't they?

jayabee52 2014-07-07 11:21:27 -0500 Report

absolutely! My mother has a hummingbird feeder set up in Ohio and when I was back there on vacation I loved to spend hours watching them. Unfortunately the environment is too severe for that here in LV.

GabbyPA 2014-07-06 08:51:56 -0500 Report

That gave me goosebumps. So beautiful. I have to say, this is part of the joy of having my bees. I see them working every day doing this. It's incredible.

jigsaw 2014-07-08 19:22:42 -0500 Report

Bees seem like an interesting hobby. Unfortunately, I dont have the correct enviroment for them, and I decided against chickens. I have enough snakes, without attracting more.

The other day, my wife discovered a large snake on our porch! It turned out to be a non poisonous Rat snake. She also came up with a great way to chase it away…a garden hose! It was the funniest thing to see this snake scamper off around the house, looking over his shoulder, I should say looking back at me, they have no shoulders, and into the woods next door. Never saw him again, and I hope he enjoys a few tasty rats!!