Diabetics and Brain aneursyms

Cindy Riley
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My Friend Linda Inglett. went to the doctor because of Vocal cord problems .and he just decided well lets look futher up in brain to see if nerves are damaged. and came back with brain aneurysm…What a shock this was, she works in News In Savannah Ga. this is her article on her own Brain aneurysm,, ( They have a procedure Embolization that gives hope for survival)

We now have a procedure to fix them if they are found …but the problem is WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR THEM…DOESN'T MAKE SENSE…
This is Linda's articles check them out www.bahelp.com and the paper one www.connectsavannah.com
under news connection scroll down to
'A time bomb in the middle of my brain'
When Linda Inglett was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain aneurysm, she thought at first her doctor was speaking to someone else. After all, she was seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist about a problem with her vocal chords, not a neurologist about her brain.
By Linda Sickler | May 6, 2008
My Whole point in writing this is she let me know people with Diabetes are a high risk for Ba's after she did research on her own BA.
Did Any one on here know this about Diabetics? or about BA's / I know I knew not one thing about this at all, I was shocked, check out her article its something else to read,

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I am so sorry, Cindy I never knew you posted this, my friend YOUR GREAT SWEETY..THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO YOU. GOD BLESS YOU FOR TRYING TO SAVE LIFES. Your an angel in deguise…but your my angel sweety. The bagirl. THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT HAS read this and passed this on…God bless you…please stay in touch with me everyone.