Friday the 13th

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Started 2009-03-13 13:44:39 -0500

Today is Friday the 13th does anyone have a fear or phobia or comment about today? When you were younger did the day bother you are you superstious??

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rbergman 2009-03-13 19:24:09 -0500 Report

Friday the 13th has never been a bad day for me or anyone in my family, however, Thursday the 12th has proven more than once to not be such a good day. My father had a heart attack on Thursday the 12th years ago. My mother-in-law passed away on Thursday the 12th, as did my father on a separate Thursday the 12th. Yesterday we lost had a mama rabbit with a litter die for no known reason, leaving us 8 babies to bottle feed, and, after 3 days of bottle feeding a calf, we lost it yesterday as well. A couple years ago my husband had a very bad accident and it again was on Thursday the 12th, so, I'm always happy to see Friday the 13th because it means our "bad luck" day is in the past.

lipsie 2009-03-14 07:04:44 -0500 Report

My gosh Robin I am sorry to hear of all this on that day! I can see totally why you're happy to see the 13th come around then, yeah. Awwww, it just passed away huh? Well I just wanted to say sorry to hear this, sorry so late writting back, not been feeling so great…my hand bothering me too…take care hun. Sheila

lipsie 2009-03-13 15:28:47 -0500 Report

Never really got into it, though can NOT watch these movies. Something about Jason and the ticking noise freaks me out, I mean REALLY freaks me oul What about you? Sheila

2009-03-13 15:39:22 -0500 Report

I'm not into the movies either. Too gruesome for me. I think I'll stick to the old Frankenstein movies!!! The ones from the 30's and 40's.

2009-03-13 13:49:44 -0500 Report

I am not superstious, but have always joked when Friday the 13th came around. I would joke with my friends and family that they should watch out on this day because something bad might happen to them. If something did go wrong, I would always say "told ya so".