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I went to the foot doctor today, and when the assistant asked what my blood sugar was this morning, I told her, 197. She gasped, and I told her I have STRESS!! She said what on EARTH could be SO stressful that your sugar would go THAT high?? I flatly stated that I have a college Mid-term exam tomorrow, and I'm alittle on the stressed side because of it. She said that was NO excuse, that stress has NO direct effect on a persons blood sugar. I honestly wanted to knock her on her butt right then!

This attitude is not uncommon with all doctors, who will not admit other things can effect your blood sugar.

Sound off about your nightmarish doctor visits, and those doctors that don't admit LIFE in general can affect your sugar!

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MeiMei 2009-03-19 18:31:21 -0500 Report

Coming from the nursing profession myself and being a nurse-practitioner (retired) I can tell you that the degree does not necessarily mean that you have the knowledge. I do not remember much in the way of my diabetes education in school which I am sure was not much anyway. This nurse needs to be educated. The only time I got educated was when I became a public health nurse on an Indian reservation, I got educated in a hurry and in spades.

jsd2005 2009-03-12 11:38:17 -0500 Report

Stress definitely plays a role in the management of blood sugar levels. Sounds as if she simply wasn't aware of this.
Chances are she was/is a "new" nurse with no other experience to give her the knowledge she needs to tech people. She probably took this job right out of school. She could also be representing her Dr;s philosophy on the subject.

regardless, you have taken the first step or taken responsibility for your care. Excellent! Now, keep it up and demand some answers to your questions.

2009-03-12 22:15:13 -0500 Report

jsd, wanna hear something REALLY scarey?? She claims to have taken some college courses for nursing, one of them being Medical Terminology!!! And she also told me she works part time at the hospital in that town!! I'm glad I don't live in that town!!!

rbergman 2009-03-11 21:16:24 -0500 Report

So, if I saw this same person that told you this, and she asked my BGL this morning and I told her 497, I guess she would faint flat out if I said it was stress lmfao. Gee lady, wanna trade lives just for 1 day and lets come check your BGL after 24 hours in MY world then lets see what stress does, or since she probably isn't diabetic, lets just check her blood pressure in 24hrs lol

Sure doctors, nurses, etc, can make mistakes just like any of us, we are all only human but anyone who knows ANYTHING about diabetes knows that stress is a factor, where did this person get her knowledge on diabetes, a cracker jack box??

Anyway, after many discussions with many people here and doctors and nurses, I too have found that Laura's Ped Endo may also not know everything, when she said 40-90 was ok for BGL's for Laura and not too low I thought she was nuts, and even my doctor today, after explaining it to me and how things work for Laura, I thought she had jumped on the nutty wagon too. She said because Laura has never needed insulin and only oral meds that yes, she could go down to say 40-45 and NOT experience a low as many adults would, that Type 2 in children, regardless how they got it is different in that way. If Laura would have several BGL's in the 40s day after day then it becomes an issue but an occasional drop like that is actually okay…(I'm still skeptic at this point). I told her they changed Laura's "ideal" range to 60-120 but said the 40-90 was still okay. She told me that 120 was still too high in her opinion for Laura and she would say, if Laura was her patient, that 60-100 would be ideal. So, there you have it, nobody can agree as to what Laura's ideal target range should be but mommy knows what to watch for as far as a low or a high so she is still in good hands!

Anyway, my new philosophy is…We, as patients, need to have patience!
(Doesn't work for me yet but I'm trying lmao)


2009-03-12 22:18:24 -0500 Report

Robin, if anyone here has the model for stress, it's you doll. You are a hero in my eyes, I have a hard enough time with keeping myself together, and if you can find the patience to deal with these know-nothings then I shall try too!

2009-03-11 20:44:00 -0500 Report

OMG…No direct effect on a persons blood sugar. LOL, no, it's not funny but she is obviously NOT diabetic and doesn't have a clue about it! You should have ask her to check it again as it was probably 297 now! After listening to these horror stories, I want to go kiss my doctor and his staff. I can't imagine anybody being that rude. Sorry you went through that. I hope your next trip is much, much better. Take care friend! Angie

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-03-11 21:48:50 -0500 Report

You're right, Angie. I'll bet her BP had jumped with that remark and attitude. Mine would! I too have always been so blessed to have good doctors, nurses & PA's. I know it's hard, but we have to brace ourselves for things like that - people who know little, if anything, about diabetes - and just take it with a grain of salt. We know better. Stress definitely does impact your BS.

2009-03-12 22:16:55 -0500 Report

I'm hoping when I go back, in 3 months, she will have moved on by then, lol

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