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Hi all.

This discussion is going to tie in a couple other discussions and comments that have been made.

A couple months ago I asked the community "Do You Qualify?"
BIG question, I know. In reality, to keep it short and sweet, any PWD "usually" doesn't. I have coined this "pre-existing chronic liability." It's fun really, the play on words that some Official or Health Insurance Company decided would be a good definition/stipulation for 20.8 million people in America.

With the '08 Election in our face everyday and the two nominees now obvious to the voters, where will America be at this time next year?

First we have the lovely increase in gas prices. ALL Americans are paying a price for this, whether it is traveling to the grocery store or for work. (I know I keep putting American in here, I also know there are people here from other countries, I am coming from my personal POV, as I live in the US).

Second, we get to the grocery store . . . . as a PWD I usually try to get the healthy food, really the fresh stuff: fruits and vegetables. Have you seen the prices? So we are left to fend for ourselves and buy what we can afford: crap (even though it is nice to have the nutritional info so I can bolus correctly, it does Not do a body good).

Third, back to “qualifying”. Most Americans are struggling with health insurance costs. I hear more and more of PWDs "reverting back" (my choice phrase) to syringes and long acting insulin because they cannot afford to be on the pump anymore. I have had discussions with my Endo and Educator and they know me and my body, I would end up in the hospital if I had to do this, my body does not handle change all that well when it comes to my insulin therapy.

So once again, we are left to ask, what is going on America? Why is it so difficult to, um, “get it right?” When will this great land take care of their own? (I am not about, nor ever will, talk politics here). What I mean is, we are the land of the Free yet we all know there is a price to pay for “that” freedom. At what cost? Putting Americans into a state of panic? Into a state of debt?

A comment was made about going to Congress. Well, I recently visited The Capitol via the ADA Call to Congress. The ADA had specific Legislation that us Advocates were to discuss with our State and Local Officials. While most Officials are for the American with Disabilities Act in relation to redefining what a disability is (in regards to Diabetes), the other Legislation was about funding. Much needed funding for NIH and CDC programs to continue research on Diabetes. All of them had the same thing to say. “Our current state of the economy….” blah blah blah, don’t we all know. But the point is, we need to fund this research so the “cost” of PWDs does not bankrupt the Entire US economy, we are well on our way, we already have, we continue to do so.

So why is it that our great America does not get the whole “solve the problem at the root” approach? Seems simple, right. Take care of your own. Help us Help you! If you provide PWDs with what they Need, we will give back, be productive in society and boost the economy. Heck, this goes for every person, chronic illness or healthy person, does not matter.

Everyday we all can write to, contact our elected officials, State and Local, to let them know our concerns. I did hear a great quote the other day, “One honest voice is louder than a crowds.” BUT, how about “A Crowd of Honest Voices…..”

A major lesson I learned at the Call to Congress: Tell Your Story. I was confused and unsure about this but I get it now. Tell Your Official Your story. Why? You are Their Constituent, You vote for Them. They want to hear from Their voters. I get it now, I get it.

Either way, you all can respond however you like. I guess I am in “Advocating” mode today. You can read about my DC experience on my blog:

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mike67 2009-05-26 21:12:12 -0500 Report

your so right our tax money going abroad, war supplies, out of country loans , ect; while our people here in the u s a can not even afford medications, doctor visits, or regular check ups. its time for change, no questions about it we need national healthcare now in america, look at sweden,france,denmark,germany,finland,brazil,cuba,argentina, ect; they all have excellant healthcare for their citizens, together we will succeed with universal healthcare.

butterfly_8 2008-07-03 19:01:44 -0500 Report

I was I thought one of the lucky ones. I had no idea I had Diabetes when I got a supplemental Insurance to go with my Medicare.It was a bargain,3months later I was diagnosed as diabetic. Within less than a year my rate increased $24.00 per month. That is totally uncool for someone on a fixed income.What are we supposed to do just give up and fade away. America that is no way to treat the elderly or the sick.HELP.

Dancehawk 2008-06-08 04:58:02 -0500 Report

Everyones feeling the pinch, the ones with medical needs and our elderly are feeling it worse.
Try to see if anyone has a garden going and offer to help with it in exchange for veggies, also is there any co ops or veggie stands? produce is a lot cheaper there.
Medication have you talked to the drug companys see if you can get a discount or on a program where they help cover?
yes I understand about going to congress,You will need a person that has cloat or a load voice to get there though.
We tried with spinal bifada awarness some years ago.
Can you get medicare? or medicade?
Talk to your local rep and Govenor have all your ducks in a row with information, neatly done in a folder you can give to him, have a cover letter that summorizes what the folder contains with your number for them to reach you.

Do not know if it helped but it is a start.

CALpumper 2008-06-08 08:53:15 -0500 Report

Thanks Dance.

I have already been denied Medicaid. Since many programs in my state are tied to that, I have been denied there also.

My "discussion" I guess was more of a venting session. Sorry about that.

I spoke with my Congressman at the Call to Congress about my situation, briefly. Not much they can do to help. BUT that will not stop me from trying to figure it out.

I do qualify for the Lilly Cares Program and I currently get my Humalog insulin for free. Other programs, I do not qualify for. It is a different world for everyone, we are all feeling the pinch, we are all struggling, have our own issues, it's the details that are different.

mike67 2009-01-11 15:34:13 -0600 Report

your right,we all must contact our representatives and make it well known to them we must have a change in our healthcare approach to the poor and medically needy. now is the time for national healthcare for all americans no exceptions no excuses no putting it off.

CALpumper 2009-01-13 18:17:08 -0600 Report

I totally agree. NO excuses. Get it done.

And soon, although I realize that is asking a lot, because I was just denied from the Lilly Cares Program, federal guidelines state I make too much money…
Thanks for the great raise boss!! Woo hoo! Go me!

The system is just a mess.

Ginetteb 2008-06-08 02:05:35 -0500 Report

CAL you use a lot of short cuts and I have no idea what they mean. Please clarify the following: PWD; ADA; NIH and CDC. I presume PWD means patients with diabetes, but I'm not sure. As for the others, I have no idea.

CALpumper 2008-06-08 08:46:35 -0500 Report


Sorry about that.
PWD is Person With Diabetes. (or People)
ADA is American Diabetes Association.
NIH is National Institutes of Health
CDC is Center for Disease Control.

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