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Well, where do I begin this post? As I was reading some entries on the facebook main page I notices an entry that said ning.com the platform that I host our 6 communities has 900,000 communities. I sat there after reading that thinking if all those sites just host 500 members each,, that is 450 million people.

So being the thinker I am, I guess, I started thinking that what if there were 900,000 communities for diabetics with 500 members each? WOW! That's 450 million diabetics helped. Of course thank God there isn't 450 million diabetics and I pray there never will be.

Than I thought a different way. Now remember I had the diabetic radio show last night and was talking about this on the air. I started thinking what if we take our communities and get as many volunteers as possible and get hustling and sign up 900,000 members to our communities. Just think 900,000 members all trying to help diabetics or 900,000 diabetics getting help or a big percentage of those signed up are diabetic and they get help. I mean you can think of a zillion ways to work the numbers but just keep thinking is only one life is helped, then two, and then three, and then so on…

Imagine if this keeps going and people just keep signing up for no other reason but to help a diabetic or to see us do it and they get involved because they feel and see the love we have for diabetics and how much we want to help each other.

Like I said on the radio show and I will keep saying it, I am a diabetic and this challenge affects me also and helps me. That may sound selfish but you know what we are all in this fight together and we need to help one another.

So to everyone reading this say a prayer I meet the mark because I have a little less than 10 months. That mean 90 thousand signatures a month. Is it possible? Well I was always told anything is possible if you believe. Well I believe in the good in everyone and I believe everyone wants us to succeed.

So keep watching and if you feel it inside sign up. No cost and so many benefits, don't you think?


By the way I am not trying to distract from all the other communities because we all do good. I just want to set out on this challenge. Everyone can join other sites it doesn't matter. I don't ask for money from my members and never will. That isn't what this is about. I only want people who care deep inside like me.

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Avera 2009-03-08 00:18:39 -0600 Report


Somewhere I missed something. What is your radio show? Where can I hear it? What is your website? lol If you just write it again here, I will not have to reread all that you might have posted to get the info. Sorry to be so lazy.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if there was a website for people with Diabetes besides the ADA site where the owners of the websites gave all their earnings to the fight for the cure or anything else to help the cause.

If 900,000 people sign on to any website each day and never click on any other link on the site such as a discussion like this, the site automatically makes $63,000.00 dollars. The more a person clicks, the more they make. Now wouldn't that be nice?

I figured that out at seven cents a hit. I'm sure it is lots less than that for sites like this one, but it sure would be a great way to make money for Diabetes. It's been a while since I owned a website but I haven't forgotten how they work. lol


markjohn1 2009-03-08 01:31:44 -0600 Report

Hi Avera,
It works that way if you are collecting for clicks. I don't get paid for clicks at all. I have been adamant about making money off of diabetic and diabetes like the ADA and others. HEre they are getting people to join and sign up and their site isn't anything to speak of and they agree.

Here is a list of everything for you and everyone to use.
The Radio show can be found on: blogtalkradio.com/diabeticlifewon
blogtalkradio.com/diabetickidz4life This is the kids show
The adult show is on Tuesday and Thruday monring at 11 PST till 12 Then Wed and Fri nights at 6pm PST till 7

the web sites:

This week our new communities will open for adults and kids on our own server and our own software donated to us from Boonex a company from Australia. Imagine I had to go there to get a donation.
The sites will be

The other communities are at
diabetic4paws.ning.com a pet community that Patti my wife started about diabetes in pets. She will address nutrition , physical exercise and even problem disorders in pets.

I am trying out a tv show Tuesday for the first time. I'll get the address tomorrow and post it.

markjohn1 2009-03-08 01:43:39 -0600 Report

Anwering you about making money, there are a lot of sites that ask for donations from its members for working towards a cure and for research and for medical needs that are not being handled by insurance companies. While I do not disagree with that I find it hard from me to ask my members to donate to and for themselves. I would rather get donations from the companies we support on a daily basis. Like drug manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers.
That is who should be donating on a daily basis. That us what I believe and stand by.
Have a DIABETARIFFIC Day. Everyone.
Let's fight this. The more people who sign up to our communities, helps with the clout I need to show companies like I just listed that we need help and I am here to help.
So please hellp. If you want to donate so bad, donate your name and your feelings, I'll do the rest.

firefightermom 2009-03-07 20:11:58 -0600 Report

I am on board with you! I think there is something to be learned and shared on all the sites and what you guys are doing for kids and adults is great.. I joined all the sites, thanks and my daughter loves the music!!

markjohn1 2009-03-07 22:19:16 -0600 Report

Thanks Tina,
The plan isn't to take away from other sites because all of the communities out here are doing great. My idea is to just show so much support from one group and if we can do that then anyone can do it and we should. We should prove a point to everyone out there.

I was asked earlier if I was doing this to get moeny so I had to clear thsi up. We do not solicit money from any of our members at any community we host. NONE OF THEM! When I was asked I kind of got very upset with the pserson because I said like most I could have asked for donations to keep the site going to put a button on the site but I didn't. If I want money I will go to the advertisers of the site. The supporters who are out there taking our money. There is no reason they can't support our communities for a while. How long have we supported them? It's there turn.

So join up so they hear thousands of voices from one entity.