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I'm wondering what in sight you all might have regarding tips and trips for camping and trips. We are planning a camping trip, First one! Although I am excited, I keep running around in circles trying to make sure I've got it all or need anything else.

I can certainly prepare some foods, carry all the medical items. prepare for accidents and iinjuries. What am I leaving out? Help

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GabbyPA 2009-03-06 18:34:56 -0600 Report

My camping discussion is focused on being diabetic, as it is my first trip since I have been diagnosed. There is a lot of great help there with snacks and testing in the wild tips. Here are some other parctical, genral tips.

Make sure you are packing clothing that you can layer. What I usually do is roll my daily clothing togehter. Then it is easy to grab it and not have to dig thru a bag.

Make sure you have well fitting hiking boots or shoes and socks. Specially now as a diabetic, I am worried about blisters that I used to never concern myself with.

Don't forget your sunscreen, and to use it. LOL

A water bottle that you can keep with you is a big help. I always try to not leave a "garbage" footprint when I am out. I take dishes that I wash, towels for drying and paper based packaging that I know will either burn in my camp fire or not be in a land fill forever.

I usually carry a water resistant table cloth. It comes in handy for many things. I use it to keep my fire wood dry from dew, or cover a nasty picnic table or sit on the ground to keep my butt dry.

Flash light? check! toilet paper? check! Walking stick? check! Water proof matches? check! Whistle? check! Wisk broom? check! Books and games? check!....have fun!

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Gabby has a really good discussion, I think the title is "My first camping trip as a diabetic." She got some really good information. I couldn't help, lol, I might be southern but I have never been camping. I hope you have a blast! Take care, Angie

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