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Just recently my A1C was 13.5 I need help in my diet what helps to bring my sugar down by diet. I do take insulin quite a bit at that. this week it is averaging 160. I'm very scared and depressed can anyone relate to this?

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angelhart0464 2011-02-13 16:54:25 -0600 Report

i take cinnamon 1000mg 2 a day with my meds and then in the afternoon after my meds i take sugerblocker that helps too i hope this help you goodluck

optimalirish 2009-03-04 20:56:56 -0600 Report

I went to the ADA website and was looking through the items they had for sale. I found a plate that has slots in it. It has a slot for your carbs, proteins, fat, vegetables and a few others I'm missing. I think it was around $5.00.

Sarguillo 2009-03-04 16:40:18 -0600 Report

My A1C in December was 12.6
I was depressed and couldnt find a doc/team that I got along with until I found my new doc/team in Dec. Just had a new A1C done at end of Feb and it came out at 7.2
whole lot better.
Listen to your team, try to do what is needed and keep in contact with them. use your available resources.
God bless and hope your next A1C improves.

rbergman 2009-03-01 15:59:40 -0600 Report

There are a lot of tips for good healthy dieting on this site, carb counting, fiber, healthy foods, not so healthy foods, so much to list here I suggest you click on the "diet" tab on the left and read through the various discussions about the subject and see if that helps you any. We all have various diets prescribed/ordered by physicians and what works for 1 person may not work for another, thats why I say read through the discussions posted under Diet.

BeckyJ 2009-03-01 12:22:22 -0600 Report

Been there done that… Still working on it. I too have had the problems of high sugar and diet questions. I went to several classes about nutrition (available at my local hospital from the health department) and have tried several different plans. The one that worked the best and got my A1C down to 6.5 was the "plate" diet. I tried the carb counting and all I got was confused (although my brother started this and has had great success). Truthfully I think it's just a matter of experimentation until you find something right for you. On the plate diet I was able to keep my A1C around 6.5-7.0 and my daily bg's never went out of the 85-120 range. Recently I have been having a lot of trouble with highs and was considering switching to the carb counting. The dietician at the health department told me not to change my diet too quickly as that could cause even more fluctuation. Start whichever plan you choose moderately. NO crash diet of cutting your carbs dramatically. Get in contact with a dietician if you are unsure how to proceed. They will help you decide which plan works for you. Check with your doc before you begin any plan and they might even have some advice for you. My doc was the one who suggested the plate diet and we worked with a dietician to tweek the plan for my needs. There is no foolproof plan or set in stone "diabetic diet" available. Sorry I couldn't give you a more direct answer but I am sure that there are others out there that are more informed than I about this. It takes a lot of tweeking to find something that works for YOU. Good luck and Best wishes.

roger 2009-03-01 15:00:39 -0600 Report

they have told me 3 60 carbs meals a day and 2 15 carb snacks it does work but for my job it does not. so i use more insulin and gain more fat. but i try to stay as close as i can to that