Is it time to go on Meds?

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Started 2009-02-28 13:14:20 -0600

I hope this does not sound stupid. Iam type 2 found out last Nov 08 Iam on no meds. They have me on just diet I ate 1/2 cup oatmeal seet-n-low and cinnamon that was all and 2 hours my bs was 142 now Iam allowed 2 carbs 1 fat for breakfast can anyone tell me what Iam doing wrong it is like this for alot of my meals I need help please

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SkipT 2009-02-28 14:30:37 -0600 Report

I think the oatmeal for breakfast is your problem. Some of us who are type 2 (myself included) can't handle any grains. Try eating some protein and fat for breakfast and see what the numbers look like. I can eat eggs and bacon and my numbers don't climb at all. Some times they will actually drop due to the fat.

MewElla 2011-01-08 13:37:28 -0600 Report

This is exactly my story. Sure is strange that all of us are so different in the types of food we can eat that give us good #'s. Good Luck to you.

rbergman 2009-02-28 14:51:32 -0600 Report

Hey Skip,
Was wondering what you meant by you can't handle any grains. Can you explain?


gma 2009-02-28 15:19:34 -0600 Report

thanks Skip you mite be rite because when I eat ceral it does the same thing

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-02-28 17:59:11 -0600 Report

I recently had someon tell me that oatmeal causes her BS to rise quite a bit too, and she was also puzzled. Then I read somewhere (can't remember where) that people have different reactions to oatmeal. Guess that makes sense, since we're all so very different. Skip is right. You may need to lean toward the protein & fat breakfast. Of course you did mention that your fating (a.m.) reading was often high, so the breakfast doesn't come into play in that case. It could be just a period of adjustment since being diagnosed, or it could be due to stress, etc. Hopefully you'll see your doctor soon and can discuss it with him/her. You may need to begin medication. Also, whether or not you exercise with any regularity can make a difference. Doesn't have to be a lot - but walkign is a great way to keep BS under control. Good luck!

rbergman 2009-02-28 13:27:05 -0600 Report

typically they tell us anything 140 and under is a good number 2 hrs after meals, so you aren't that far off. As far as what you ate, I found for us Truvia is better than sweet-n-low as a sweetener. Not saying that is why you remained a little higher but in our household with 2 diabetics it did seem to make a difference. My other question would be did you add milk to your oatmeal, an 8oz serving of 1% or 2% milk is 13g of carbs.
Also, you are 4 months into taking care of your diabetes and if they don't know how long prior to diagnosis that you had it, it may take awhile to adjust. Do you do fasting BG level? Having that number first helps compare with what your level is at the 2hr after meal test.
I know this isn't much help but in the beginning for most of us it is trial and error, and sometimes we get a higher reading but can't always figure out why.
You and your doctor need to discuss your levels, keep good records in writing even if your meter keeps records, write down your concerns with higher levels and keep a journal of what you ate, make a list of questions to ask your doctor and take all of that with you to your next appointment. They can download your levels from your meter but that doesn't give them the full picture, writing everything down, food, levels, exercise done and even stress or emotional times all contribute to why levels can be higher or lower, a journal not only helps them understand but helps you yourself understand better as well.


gma 2009-02-28 13:37:18 -0600 Report

when I check my morning bs sometimes it is 140 before I have ate anything and sometimes at lunch or at dinner it can go to be 190 and I watch my intake I just cant seem to get it rite and I do watch my diet oh and as for the milk I put 2 table spoons in it

gma 2009-02-28 13:39:44 -0600 Report

Thank you Robin for your help I will start keeping track of what I eat daily

rbergman 2009-02-28 13:54:05 -0600 Report

Your very welcome, I only recently learned the journal trick when our daughter was diagnosed, I hadn't been taking care of my own Type 2 diabetes for quite some time, but I decided that if I was going to get her to deal with diabetes properly I wasn't being a very good role model when I was ignoring my own diabetes, so, we learn a lot of it together now and I have learned so much on this site.

2009-02-28 20:47:15 -0600 Report

Robin, is Truvia better tasting than Splenda? Can you bake with it?

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