In response to the high sugar, pancreaa dead discussion...this is to all that played a part of it

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Well thank you to all those that supported me in what I was asking. I would NEVER make fun of someone with Diabeties, or anything for that matter! My father passed away in 1991 from it so NO its not a joke. Okay, maybe I am not very good about standing up to doctors but at that time I was in a mental health facility and not really with it. I have been diabetic for a few years but never took it as serious as I should have, I was having other problems that I think overtook my site on things. Anyhow, this doctor truely stated my pancreas did die is why it was so out of control, then suddenly kicked in he basically made it sound…but he did say that it would not be permanant…I would have problems in the future, hence…I am…but not as bad. I am sorry if I upset anyone, I came here for others thoughts, knowledge, friendship…and with that comment I feel like running away BUT with all the people that did support me I am staying and hope to learn more…get help and a better understanding…sorry so long, got a little heated there

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