Double Diabetes

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When I started using modern day insulins in the late 1980s I gained weight. By the mid 1990s I had gained 57 pounds. I started having much higher blood sugar and my insulin dosage eventually increased by 40%. I was still high much of the time. Finally, in the late 1990s tests were done and I was diagnosed with insulin resistance even though I am Type 1. I was then a Type 1 with that Type 2 charactteristic. That is called "double diabetes". It is also known as Type 3. My doctors do not use either of those terms. They prefer calling me Type 1 with insulin resistance. It is also possible for a Type 2 to become a double diabetic. I have been taking Avandia for 10 years and my insulin resistance gives me very little trouble now. My insulin dosages returned to normal in 1999.

The following link comes from a site that is primarily intended for parents of children with diabetes. It is an excellent discussion of double diabetes. In the discussion references are made to children but diabetics of all ages can become double diabetics. My double diabetes was diagnosed when I was 59. Here is the link:


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Thank you for posting this Richard, this is what they say Laura has (actually they call her Type 2 leading to Type 1) which sounds like the same thing to me.It makes sense to me when I read from the link you posted, except for 1 thing, Laura is only on oral medications, no insulin, as where the article states double diabetics need to take both. This is something I will bring up at her next appointment.
I also realize all of Laura's medical issues stem from her body producing excessive anitbodies that attack normal functioning organs due to autoimmune failure, but I am curious to find out if the insulin is added as a last resort if the oral doesn't work and why she doesn't have to take both if this is the type of Diabetes she has.

Thanks again for the information!!