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I posted an article concerning this several weeks ago and noted that only one news service had picked up the story.

Now it seems that the doctor who discovered it has signed an agreement with a United States Company to further promote it.

In the article the doctor says: On his part, Nelson said: “We are excited and looking forward to working with Professor Pandey and GDPAU in the further development and commercialization of AD-1 for diabetes patients worldwide.”

Sometimes important discoveries are made and the large drug companies of the world are not pleased. Think of the money they would lose if a cure were found for Diabetes.

Something about this news has me confused. Why are the major News Services not picking up on it?

I've posted the article in the "News & Articles" section. I'm hoping some of you people will give YOUR thoughts on the subject and the reason more attention has not been given to this discovery. Is the claim——TRUE or FALSE?

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