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Jeanette Terry
By Jeanette Terry Latest Reply 2014-07-09 04:31:29 -0500
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Many of us will be getting together with friends and family for the 4th of July and no doubt there will be food involved. So if you are looking for some great lower carb BBQ options check out this recipe slideshow that has been compiled for your viewing pleasure.

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eatfish97 2014-07-09 04:31:29 -0500 Report

Yes good I know every one is different I just stay far away o anything white it sucks because I love rice and taters !

Type1Lou 2014-07-04 10:43:53 -0500 Report

I like to think that I can still have fun and not be a drag on festivities but also still maintain my diet. I'll forgo the potato salad, corn on the cob and sweet BBQ sauces…some nice grilled chicken or a bunless burger or hot dog with fresh blueberries and strawberries are yummy alternatives that I won't regret. That said, I'm happy my husband and friends who don't have diabetes can eat what they want to their heart's content! It's all about celebrating our freedom and enjoying the company of those we love! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-04 19:39:07 -0500 Report

As a T2, I eat whatever I want to eat with very little problems. There is no way I am passing up a hot dog that has been burned to the point you almost can't tell what it was originally. Under no circumstances am I not going to have something off the grill even if it is chicken, ribs or a burger.

Today I ate crabs and a piece of fried chicken and some potato salad. Took me an hour to eat the chicken and potato salad because I still have trouble swallowing. I came home and tested and I was at 120. I walked around the block twice just to see if I could have 3 cookies. I can so I am enjoying my 3 cookies.

Maybe it is just me but when I am with friends, I really don't care if they can eat what they want. I pay attention to what I eat. I knew the crabs, chicken and potato salad wasn't going to spike me. I left before the ribs were ready because I was not going to attempt to eat that yet. I eat what I want with moderation and I test before I eat to make sure I should eat my corn on the cob which I eat all summer and some BBQ ribs. I am just so happy to be with friends I don't see often to worry too much about food.

Glucerna 2014-07-04 14:45:03 -0500 Report

I like the way you have fun and stick with your diet and health plans. Food doesn't have to play a central role in our activities or celebrations and instead can take a back seat to spending time with friends and family or even doing something active like a walk or playing games. Have a wonderful day everyone. ~Lynn @Glucerna

GabbyPA 2014-07-04 10:02:55 -0500 Report

Oh man, some of those look great. I love kebabs because they are so versatile, and the few in that list look yummy.

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-07-04 02:22:40 -0500 Report

Awesome, Thank you for making me hungry, I am drooling YUM YUM!!! Just joking, it does all look good, I am going to try the grilled squash.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-07-03 20:17:10 -0500 Report

Really!!!! It is a holiday. Of course people are going to want to indulge in all of that good food. One day of eating a burger, ribs with bar b que sauce a little potato salad is not going to kill anyone. It might raise your blood sugar a little or a lot but it will come back to normal. My doctor gave me one free day a week and this week it is the 4h of July and I am going to enjoy it. Bring on the Crabs and a little potato salad and I will be happy for a week.

haoleboy 2014-07-03 20:00:45 -0500 Report

"the 4th is a day when everyone forgets about all things, including diabetes"
pretty sure diabetes does not take a day off.
I have committed to a healthy life style/diet just as I have committed to not drinking or smoking and being faithful to my wife.
I honestly fail to see the difference

eatfish97 2014-07-03 15:50:59 -0500 Report

Ho great I just came back from shopping with some huge portables mushrooms to put on the grill, also bought one of those round things full of veg's and some fish and shrimp so I will be busy in the morning lol

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