Diabetic Retinopathy

By Aingeal Latest Reply 2014-07-18 16:47:37 -0500
Started 2014-07-03 12:52:20 -0500

I was just recently diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy and have to start treatment next week with injections (ant-VEGF) Was wondering if anyone else on here has had this treatment and if it has helped their eyesight much. Thank You

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Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-07-17 15:46:05 -0500 Report

I've never had the injections, but have had several photocoag lasers and 3 vitrectomies, and 2 cataracts. Even if it doesn't improve your vision, but slows down the damage, I would definitely do it. I am down to 1 eye, which is much better than none, but do everything you can to hang on to your vision as long as you can. The vitrectomies cleared my vision up and worked in one eye, but could not stop the neovascular retinopathy in the other eye. Best of luck at this.

GabbyPA 2014-07-04 10:04:20 -0500 Report

I have not had that issue, but am curious about how the injections help?

jayabee52 2014-07-04 12:40:08 -0500 Report

Here's a stab at explaining the benefits of the proceedure taken by WebMD ~ http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/macular-degen...

GabbyPA 2014-07-05 06:39:29 -0500 Report

So they stick a needle in your eye? I think I would freak out a bit on that. And the WebMD says it's for macular-degenration, not retinopathy. I would talk to your doctor a little more to make sure you guys are on the same page.

Aingeal 2014-07-16 16:22:45 -0500 Report

Yes Gabby that's exactly what they did..and the only way to describe the aftermath of it was like being punched in the eye then sand thrown in it not a very pleasant experience at all but if it may help my vision i have to just suck it up. :)

Aingeal 2014-07-16 19:51:47 -0500 Report

No this was my 1st time and i wont know if its helped till i go back in a month and have pictures taken in the back of my eye but i dont notice any changes in my vision yet

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