Glipizide XL

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I was taken off Actos today.Thank God,my A1c was 6..So the Md put me on this new med.I was woundering if anyone could tell me the pros & cons they have had on this med..Thanks,John

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kdroberts 2008-06-11 08:17:50 -0500 Report

You should start to see results within a few hours after the first dose. The major side effect is possible lows since it will increase your insulin production if you need it or not, so it's important not to skip meals or drastically alter your carb intake. If you want to lower your carbs then do it slowly to see what happens or talk to your doctor about the dosage if you want to cut them significantly. It's handy to have glucose tablets with you just in case, especially if you are not near a food source. Also, know the signs of hypoglycemia,

tmana 2008-06-11 07:59:36 -0500 Report

This is generic for Glucotrol XL, which is a sulfonylurea. It is an insulin secretagogue (makes your body produce more insulin). XL is the extended-release formulation. for basic information; gives all the technical nitty-gritty.

This was the first drug I was on after diagnosis, and I was about 100 lb overweight at the time (I'm 5' 1/2", so that is a significant amount of excess baggage).

It may take a month or so to see results, but if you have a build-up of Actos in your system, you may not see a spike before your numbers fall into line. I used to take it in the morning and would occasionally have lows around dinnertime, especially if I was having a late dinner.