Type 1.5 and type 3 ?

By neverlowbg Latest Reply 2014-06-30 19:02:35 -0500
Started 2014-06-29 21:45:33 -0500

I have never heard these terms before but reading some articles on webmd they briefly mentioned them does anybody know what they are just curious

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DianaType1 2014-06-30 04:48:24 -0500 Report

I am an American living in Germany. I heard the term "Type 3" used at my German Endo's office, so I did ask what it meant. He informed me that Type 3 diabetics are patients who become diabetic because of pancreatic cancer. Hope that helps.

Glucerna 2014-06-30 18:01:24 -0500 Report

This is confusing! I've seen references to type 3 and pancreatic surgery as you point out Diana, and also that some researchers are finding a type of diabetes associated with Alzheimer's disease, and calling it type 3. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jayabee52 2014-06-30 19:02:35 -0500 Report

Lynn, the thing I have been pointing out this whole discussion is that these terms for various "types" are NOT nailed down in the medical community

neverlowbg 2014-06-30 00:04:25 -0500 Report

Was doing some research and found out two main types diabetes then several sub categories of diabetes some places use numbers some use words and all this time I thought there was only three or four types diabetes there's like six if you add sub categories

haoleboy 2014-06-30 00:00:16 -0500 Report

1.5 aka latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is a form of type 1 that develops in adults over time. many are initially diagnosed as T2 as the need for insulin develops over time … type 3 no clue. (hello google)

neverlowbg 2014-06-30 00:01:38 -0500 Report

It's chemical induced diabetes from steroid shots mainly

jayabee52 2014-06-30 15:22:54 -0500 Report

There are certain sections ot the medical community who refer to Alzheimers as type 3. see ~ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2...

So It depends on to whom one is talking about types of diabetes. I go to a diabetes support group here in Las Vegas where the leaders call the friends and family members affected by diabetes as "type 3s"

The point is: the majority of the types of diabetes are not firmly nailed down as of yet.

neverlowbg 2014-06-30 16:10:03 -0500 Report

I'm noticing that I have three different answers for type. 3 depends on where you are at in the world how crazy

neverlowbg 2014-06-29 21:55:04 -0500 Report

I can't find it either they say there are five types of diabetes I only know pre- diabetic, t1,t2, and the pregnant one so I think there known as one of them as I know of 4 of the five

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