Bydureon Pen

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Started 2014-06-28 22:44:53 -0500

Does anyone have any feedback on the Bydureon Pen. My Dr. asked me to research it and see if I was interested. Obviously, there was some concern regarding lab results, that rats developed thyroid cancer. I am on the fence about taking it and would like to hear from others that are taking it and what do they think. Thank you!


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neverlowbg 2014-06-28 23:04:43 -0500 Report

Just a thought if dr wants you to research and decide if you want it seems to me he doesn't believe in it or wants to prescribe it just a thought did he give you any other pen choices like Byetta or or humalog etc so you could look at a couple and see what you might want to take there are lots of pen medicines out there for different things pertaining to diabetes I'd ask him or her more questions alternatives what it is they are trying to control with pen ie bg weight control eating submission and is this your regular dr or diabetes dr if regular dr maybe need to get referral and talk to an endo do they have you checking bg at home