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Started 2014-06-27 16:06:08 -0500

just a shout out to the powers that be for handling the Spam flood that happened last night. When I last looked before turning in there were well over 300.
Your efforts are appreciated.


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Type1Lou 2014-06-29 10:23:17 -0500 Report

Three more new profiles (reproted and blocked) this Sunday morning…dare I hope, they appear to be slowing down?

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-06-28 02:51:58 -0500 Report

Yes we appreciate the hard work it takes to keep up with these spammers. Thank You. You are appreciated so very much.

jayabee52 2014-06-27 23:33:51 -0500 Report

They're back again tonight at 930pm PDT.

Type1Lou 2014-06-28 07:15:22 -0500 Report

Thanks for checking James! You've probably already flagged/blocked the 3 profiles I found this morning (7:45 EDT) but I went ahead and did it as well. They are repeating profile names and some of the phone numbers used in the spam posts. Maybe those can be targeted?

kimfing 2014-06-27 23:21:23 -0500 Report

I just don't understand what these people get out of doing this!? Are they really that bored w their lives?! I think it is time they get a life. :-)

haoleboy 2014-06-28 00:30:28 -0500 Report

Pretty sure they are just bots that are set up to do this automatically. It depends on the attacked websites registration and posting protocols … some times a real person has to register the "user" and then they set the bot loose. You can get people in third world countries to do this for pennies per site. In the long run someone is making money … probably a lot as they can do this to thousands of forums/discussion groups a night.
Best I have been able to figure out is they are in it for "Google Juice" … an attempt to game Google's pagerank algorithm

Type1Lou 2014-06-28 07:13:08 -0500 Report

You certainly have much more savvy in this area than I do. I blocked another 3 profiles this morning on 6 pages of Spam found in "Recent Discussion"…one of those profiles is a repeat of the same profile name that was previously blocked, and many of the phone numbers listed in the spam are repeats…any thoughts about whether DC can zero in on those to prevent future "new" profiles and spam posts?

haoleboy 2014-06-28 09:48:27 -0500 Report

no clue what is powering this site … on the forums I run it is possible to ban users based on usernames, email and IP addresses as well as other metrics.

Type1Lou 2014-06-27 18:18:57 -0500 Report

These spammers seem to begin their attack in the wee morning hours. When I checked this morning,around 7:45 am EDT, there were 6 or 7 pages worth. Is anyone out there a "Night Owl" who would be willing to check The "Recent Discussion" tab in the wee hours and flag/block any new spammer profiles? The earlier we ID them, the sooner DC can eliminate them. This is OUR site and we can all help to ID the offenders. DC did eliminate all of the spam pretty quickly today.