Techicians; How hard would it be to restructure page?

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I know my hands and mind are a little shaky this morning but really Technicians, not techicians, and if I spelled it wrong again, I have no excuse, lol

If there is already something on the pages you have set up for us to use, can you add the same item at the bottom.

The reason I ask, is because I have not been commenting on a lot of discussions I would like to, after one or two long ones that I may have commented on multiple times, because you either have to scroll forever (probably stupid anyway, for saying) or hit the back button a bunch of times. Anyway, I was thinking, maybe you could add a tracked items, profile, or discussions at the bottom, for instant access to what you want to go to.

I guess it is more about the limited time I have on the computer, lately, because I can not sit up long, and this would help me, and maybe others', to have more access time.

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