Rome didn't fall in a day - A rant of D humor

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I wrote this some place else but I am trying to figure this place out and this is about as good an introduction to the way my dad of two T1 kids brain works as anything so here goes…

Just because Rome wasn't built in a day why doesn't the "honeymoon" just end in a big fight, break up and quickly divorce?

We could at least sleep.

NOOooo.. it goes out in fits and spurts and big numbers and crazy days, sometimes it seems like things are going just fine, everyone is getting along and BAM, lunatic numbers. I don't need it when the meter gets all personable and tries to be friendly by saying "HI."

Honeymoon! What sadist came up with that term?

We found process of beta cell drop off went in waves every few weeks maybe two months at the most. Every few weeks numbers get all messed up - yea haa. joy. happiness.

First it is increasing doses as more beta cell production is lost. Then after full onset it seems the little brats keep growing! One even had the AUDACITY to start puberty!

All that growing is caused by growth hormones that kick in at night, in our cases within an hour or so of them going to sleep. So they need testing then and a few hours later. Lovely.

It seems that growing takes energy! Who would have thought it? Who would figure that T1 kids need more insulin to grow (and then they want to eat more too!) It is like growth hormones are anti insulin, they grow and the insulin needs kick up at night and they eat everything in sight and need more insulin.

I think we all should call the endo and complain! It has to be their fault. I mean, can't they make all this growing happen when I am not trying to sleep?

And don't get me started on the puberty deal! Like diabetic parents need more problems? Zits and cranky stinky kids who need to bathe more often isn't enough? NO ye olde BS-BS* goes nuts, again and when does it do it? - OVER NIGHT! (*Blood Sugar BS [you can figure out that second one your selfs…])

What the heck! We need to rename this stinking thing from Type 1 Diabetes to Parents Never Get to Sleepabetes.

And don't get me started on those clowns making CGM's - stop thinking about bonus checks you get when they are selling like mad and start getting these thing out of FDA, available, approved for kids, cheaper, longer lasting and covered by the freaking insurance company.

So maybe we should rename this stinking thing from Type 1 Diabetes to What is Up With the CGM Because We Parents Never Get to Sleepabetes.

Insurance! Yeah, aren't they just wonderful too? I am still waiting for an explanation why they will not cover the cheaper strips that come with a SideKick meter but will pay for more expensive strips to put in a meter as an RX. Our insurance company motto: holding down cost by not buying the cheaper stuff! And they have no idea what a CGM is.

So maybe we should rename this stinking thing from Type 1 Diabetes to: Does Anyone Have a Ouija Board so we can Figure Out Why the Insurance Company Doesn't Know What is Up With the CGM Because Parents Never Get to Sleepabetes.

Oh and carb counts! Why cant we get carb counts? Getting carb counts when you go out to eat is like trying to pry tactical invasion time tables out of the Pentagon. I don't need the D-Day Details I only Need Carb Counts. So let see… that means we are up to…

I don't need the D-Day Details I only Need Carb Counts for your Menu and Does Anyone Have a Ouija Board so we can Figure Out Why the Insurance Doesn't Know What is Up With the CGM Because Parents Never Get to Sleepabetes.

Now I realize that is a lot to say when you sleep deprived and someone asks why your kid is doing a blood test in the restaurant, next to the insurance company, that is across the street from the CGM factory.

On the plus side, maybe, they might not confuse I don't need the D-Day Details I only Need Carb Counts for your Menu and Does Anyone Have a Ouija Board so we can Figure Out Why the Insurance Doesn't Know What is Up With the CGM Because Parents Never Get to Sleepabetes. with Type 2.

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Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn 2008-03-18 05:11:18 -0500 Report

I sympathize. At 25, managing my diabetes would be a whole late easier if the CGMs were readily available. My parents were willing to pay for one when I got my pump, but then I learned it would cost $350 a month to keep it up and I didn't have that kind of money. Even with insurance, at that rate it'd break the bank right now… So I keep hoping they'll bring the prices down some day. It would be nice to have the warning — to know whats happening at night (that's when I have my problems still).

And as to the restaurants carb info — they love to say "No" because they're too lazy to go find it. Its very annoying — but push them and they should have one somewhere. There are also books that you can buy that will list restraunts nutritional info. You may try finding one of those.

Anyway, hang in there. It'll improve. Someday.

Jon - 13563
Jon - 13563 2008-03-14 11:11:52 -0500 Report

That was great! I can relate to almost all of that! I only have one kid with D so I can only imagine what 2 would be like, but you really hit home with the carbs on menus, the sleepless nights from round the clock blood tests.How about the other people who always think they know how to raise your kids better, but the only help they offer is unsolicited advice?

I haven't tried the ouija board yet, but that is not a bad idea!

CALpumper 2008-03-14 02:57:59 -0500 Report


I grew up with Type 1, from age 6 until now…almost 24 years. The growing, growing "up", keeping track of things, doing the right thing, eating the right thing, oh puberty, the mental strain…

While I am the first to say "vent away, we all have a right!" take a moment and breathe. Your kids are going through SO much and it will continue. This disease is difficult because of one important fact that other people forget about…we are all different. Our bodies are made up differently. We react and deal with things/foods/situations/highs/lows differently.

I do have to say I laughed about the "HI". Geez, when I was a kid I hated that! Always tried to hide it from my parents! Back in the '80s when I was diagnosed, honeymoon meant one thing, right after marriage. Never once did once doctor mention it. Thank goodness because I would be just as ticked off as you are.

Oh and I love the renaming suggestions!

Hang in there with this site. It will be very helpful for you. I know you are going through a lot but do not be afraid to "break" anything, you really can't. Best lesson I learned about technology, computer and software. Do everything and anything, don't be afraid! It will help you navigate better and soon the suggestions will be following. The whole idea of the site is to get as many perspectives as possible to make this a great community for anyone.

And the "sleep deprived, kid doing bt in restaurant, next to ins comp, across from factory"…humor is the Best medicine! You have a great one and the way your brain works is wonderful. As far as people commenting to you about your kids, unfortunately, you are going to get it a lot. My parents went through the same thing when I was young. Not only does it affect the parents that someone, anyone, a stranger, another parent Dare tell you what to do or give you "that look" but they usually try to be discreet with kids present. It really affects the kids too…constantly feeling like nothing works, they are always wrong. I grew up with that and for 20 years I lived with the notion that whatever I did was never good enough. Now I get the comments and looks. Oh the things I have said…

Again, hang in there.

BadShoe 2008-03-16 09:00:43 -0500 Report

Don't worry CALpumper the only time I have a need to breath is when I am laughing to hard.

This is one of the bits from my blog at

YDMV is Your Diabetes May Vary

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-03-13 16:40:22 -0500 Report

Wow, I can't imagine the challenges of two T1 kids. But I totally get the challenges that puberty brings—physical and psychological. It can be rough.

Hang in there.

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