Bad breath - tips and hints on how to deal with it

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Always ensure your teeth are brushed after each meal and before you go to bed. Floss your teeth and brush your tongue as part of the process. Decaying food particles in the mouth create odour. A toothpaste containing tea tree oil will be very antiseptic and could be helpful. If you can't find such a toothpaste try adding one or two drops of tea tree oil to your brush each time you use it.

Place one or two drops of essential peppermint oil on your tongue or toothbrush. It helps prevent odour.

Ensure your toothbrush isn't part of the problem. It is amazing how many germs can be stored on toothbrush bristles.

Your teeth could be suffering decay or you may have an abscess in your mouth or gum disease. These can easily cause bad breath. A trip to the dentist could resolve the issue.

Try brushing your teeth with bicarbonate of soda. It will deter bacteria as will a mouth rinse of salty water.

Is your mouth constantly dry? A dry mouth has less saliva and saliva keeps bacteria under check. Saliva is really the body's own mouth deodorant.

Mouth bacteria are the most common cause of bad breath.

Don't smoke. Are you drinking too much alcohol? Smoking and drinking alcohol can cause a dry mouth.

If you enjoy eating spicy foods, garlic or onions and you feel these might be contributing to your bad breath problem then try chewing on parsley or a small piece of lemon loaded with salt.

Chew a few cloves, anise seeds or fennel seeds. these will sweeten the breath.

Seek medical advice if you think you might have a sinus infection or any other condition that might be a dwelling place for bacteria habitation.

You could also have intestine or bowel problems that are leading to this condition. Digestive problems are very often the cause of bad breath. When hydrochloric acid or enzymes are out of balance, food is not broken down thoroughly, it ferments and putrid gasses are produced which come up through the throat.

Stress and dieting can also be at the root of the problem. Digestive problems can evolve when a person is under stress and the digestive enzymes may not be doing their job correctly.

Milk allergies can cause bad breath.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables plus drink several glasses of water daily. Each will keep your bowels in good order and provide your mouth with plenty of saliva. Snack on an apple or on celery or carrot sticks. Each will deter plaque from forming on the teeth.

Bad breath can be a tell tale sign for more serious conditions such as tonsillitis, diabetes, kidney or liver problems etc. so medical advice must be sought if you haven't cleared up the problem with natural remedies within a couple of weeks.

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