Are You House-Bound wth Nothing To Do? I Have A Suggestion

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I have just realized that I have been doing something every day since the Holidays, that I now enjoy doing. I can do it whether in a while in a wheel chair, or walking with cane.

I had always done all of this outside, but had forgotten about how I had started gardening indoors, with just my love of house plants. Being that at the time we had a huge house, with lots of light and space, plus decks outside that I had continously decorated with plants and flowering plants.

It is home (indoor) gardenening. It started when my stepson bought me a Christmas Cactus last year for Christmas; I tended to it occasionaly but really did not see anything happen with it, but I still fed and watered it, as I do the 2 hanging plants I did bring from our house. All of a sudden the Cactus began to bloom after Christmas this year, and has continued to bloom ever since. I take pictures of every blossom and follow with new ones every day (another addition to my newfound,old hobby).

Now, I have taken clippings from my houseplants to continue new starters. I have done this before.

But, I am going to take it to the next level. It will be inexpensive, overall, with the outcome.

I am going to buy seeds, and started plants and some vermiculate and potting soil, and starter trays (cardboard and cheap) and grow my own vegetables, in home. I do have a lot of sun and I think, I will also start a terrarium in a fish aquarium; house plants of all types and sizes. And of course one for cherry tomatoes.

You can start with a houseplant and a flowering plant, or two, or a vegetable seed or two. Go at your own level of speed and watch the miracle of the growth and see how it makes you feel.
I certainly have finally found something to do without too much exertion, and we all need to eat healthy veggies, so I think it is a great way to work while handicapped, and get rid of some of the winter duldrums,too.

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highlandcitygirl 2009-02-13 11:26:58 -0600 Report

this is a great idea, i like watching things grow!

2009-02-13 12:52:05 -0600 Report

Thankyou; I am going online and looking up some seeds and growing materials. See what I can find.

Glad the discussion makes you happy.

2009-02-14 05:57:33 -0600 Report

Well, today is Saturday and I am going to try to get someone to take me to walmart so I can start furthering my project. I want fresh cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. I have always canned and made my own pickles. As, if I can grow enough to do that again.

Soon, though, my azalea bush will bloom right outside on my deck and that will be a welcomed sight

2009-02-13 11:15:54 -0600 Report

I am not house-bound, but your ideas are good for anyone. Thanks for the suggetions.

GabbyPA 2009-02-13 10:56:37 -0600 Report

There is great pleasure in watching something grow from a seed with your nuturing. We have started doing this so we can have healthy, pesticide free, fresh veggies and herbs for our family. We are thrilled and we are doing it in pots. Cucumber, Parsley, Basil, Lettuce and more. I can't wait to start using them.
It is a great hobby and great for diabetics because we can control our foods even more if we grow them ourselves. Yummmy!

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