Blood Sugars: Highs and Lows

Debe Pendice
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Started 2009-02-12 16:12:10 -0600

I would like to know what some of our friends here, what was their highest blood sugar, and what was their lowest?

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JustGina 2009-02-22 21:57:50 -0600 Report

High: High 600's Low: 47
Recent ranges avg: 120's - 70's
The abnormal low was due to moving daughter into dorm all day and not taking any meal breaks til later in the evening. doh!

rbergman 2009-02-22 20:32:55 -0600 Report

I'm a Type 2
When I was diagnosed it was 800+ ( I don't remember the exact # but remember them telling me they didn't understand how I could function at that level…your the doc you tell me) my lowest ever was a 13, taken by my husband after he found me unconscious and barely breathing, at that time we lived in a small town just a block from the fire station which housed the ambulance, the ER had told him another 5 min, if that, I'd have been dead had he not found me when he did. This was caused by a switch in insulin to a fast acting and the dosage prescribed was too much.

pancreas_fail! 2009-02-22 22:01:18 -0600 Report

Whenever they switch my insulin I start off with a tiny amount of what they suggest and work my way up. It seems like most doctors are a little too liberal with their dosing amounts with insulin. I can deal with highs much better than lows.

pancreas_fail! 2009-02-22 12:24:08 -0600 Report

Unconscious(20?) to 490, before the pump and cgms. Lowest I ever got on the meter was about 22.

Now 56 to 350 with the pump. Highs are only when I do something dumb though. Same with lows, still learning the pump (only about a month with it)

Was about 600 when diagnosed.

MeiMei 2009-02-20 08:07:12 -0600 Report

I'm a type 1. The highest I ever got was when I was first diagnosed which was over 500. The lowest I have been was 59. Now I fluctuate sometimes between 300 and 79.

dj7110 2009-02-20 06:57:29 -0600 Report

my lowest was around the 60's.. was a few yrs ago when I had this though.. My highest was somehere over 500. i have no idea exactly though as my meter at the time only stated HI for readings over 500 and not the exact number.. I had this happen a few times.

2009-02-20 21:24:08 -0600 Report

dj, when my meter read HI the first time, I thought it was just greeting me!!! LOL

Richard157 2009-02-19 14:39:22 -0600 Report

From 1945-198? before I had a glucometer, I have no idea what my blood glucose numbers were.

After I had a glucometer I had some readings, many years ago that read HI and others that read LO and I was unconscious.

Now that I have my pumping under control I am doing much better.

Yesterday I was 79-130, the day before I was 82-125. Other days befor that I was 69-136, 78-115, 75-131, and 62-116. Pumps are great!!!


2009-02-18 21:05:10 -0600 Report

When diagnosed, tested in at a hefty 1500. Rehab docs wondered HOW I could still be awake and talking!

Lowest has been 38.

Ran in the high 300's to the low 600's for about 3 years straight.

In ICU for ketoacidosis and kidney infection, when admitted, near shock, almost lost the battle that day.

MeiMei 2009-02-20 08:10:17 -0600 Report

When I was a public health nurse on an Indian reservation we had a 12 year old girl who was running a 2500 blood sugar when she was diagnosed. She was still awake altho not really alert. The doctors at first thought she was drunk until they did a blood sugar. Shows you can always jump to conclusions.

Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn 2009-02-17 19:16:00 -0600 Report

I'm type 1 so forgetting my insulin or an infection can be a bit more dramatic than it seems to be for a type 2. The highest I've been (that I know the number for) is 508 (didn't take enough insulin, but was also very sick that night. It was frightening!). The lowest was right around 30. I can't remember if it ever dipped below that. These are extremes, of course. I'm usually pretty good!

2009-02-12 23:04:36 -0600 Report

My highest was somewhere in the 200's after eating and 48 was my lowest that I recorded on a meter… With me one never knows 'how low can she go' because I can't think when it gets that low and I forget to test, I just eat.


SkipT 2009-02-12 16:34:41 -0600 Report

Two years ago I was at 333 during my glucose tolerance test. Lowest I have been is 78. Highest now is around 121 average is 106.

firefightermom 2009-02-12 17:20:03 -0600 Report

at the beginning her meter would just say HIGH and the lowest was 11… my computer crashed the other day glad to be back!!

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-12 16:17:33 -0600 Report

i clocked in at 242 two hours after eating, i think the day before yesterday. highest i've ever been. about two years ago i had some extreme lows, the lowest being 35,this went on and off for about a week. this also would be after eating. i was on no medication for diabetes and the doctor told me through his nurse, to eat more. so i have!