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You know Ive been thinking about this for along time…Well, since Dan died16 months ago…Ive talked to people about itr and heard of a type of medical care that bacially is what Im following now.its called a a natural death.Its just not fighting death when it comes in whatever form. Not taking alot of meds and fight ing hard to live. Now I am still taking my diabetis meds which i suppose contrdics what i just said ..but Im not taking anytreatment for this…Actually there is a difference.. but my point is what im doing is not unheard of and not wrong. there is nothing in the Bible that says I MUst take all treatment possible.

In those 4 months after Dan coded…Ive looked back on it so many time wondering what could have been different to make it not quite so tramatic for us. At this point i have no answer. I feel Like it was a constant up and down of emotions. And constant fughting with his docors and medical personal. Because we wouldnt go No code…how many times they asked me if they could make him do not reseitate… I donnt know if my desition were always right…but I know theyu were what Dan wanted…so they were right. I can tell you the the stress of it all caused me to lose 6 inches of lenght in my hair! Its a stress reaction.

I believe Dan is waiting for me…I talk to both Dan and God about this and I know they will be waiting for me …I dont know how it works but I will be with them…and that will be great!

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jayabee52 2014-07-05 00:59:43 -0500 Report

Hoswdy Vi
I am a Christian and I see no problem with the idea of a natural death.

My current GF disagreed with me a bit on this issue, but eventually I got her to see my way of thinking. I chose to continue living to give my sons a positive witness on living life during the tough times in life. However had I chose to end my life by not continuing dialysis treatments I believe it would not have been suicide (a common objection to the natural death idea).

Whenever we lose a loved one to death there are always the lingering "what ifs"

I experienced those when my beloved late wife "Jem" passed away in her sleep one night in 07/2010.

There will always be "why didn't I do y or z rather than x." But I have come to believe that that is simply part of the grieving process

Praying that when your end comes it will be quick and merciful.


hantuni 2014-07-05 00:32:00 -0500 Report

Hey sorry to hear about dan and the tough time you and your family have gone through, … I believe that if you truly want the natural death treatment you wrote about it's yours for the taking!

I know I've spoke to my partner about the future and what it holds and both of us have said about doing the same thing should the time come.

As for the bible and your choice, I've always seen it as a guide of how to live life, I'm certain that if there is a god as long as you try your best and do what you believe is right come your judgement day he won't frown on you but thank you for your faith in him.

And I'm certain dan is waiting for you, but I'm also sure he wouldn't want you to throw the towel in too early, give it good go as none of us know what's round the corner.

I hope you are okay, peace be with you

Hannah x

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