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I was diagnosed in February with what I think is type 2. I am not sure cause I was in shock & I did not ask cause I did not even know there was more than one kind.I lost my grandma to this when i was little & its hard sometimes cause I have no friends who understand what its like having a disease with such scary possible complications. Knowing it can kill you, make you lose your limbs or go blind..& more. Or the fact that I can just simply walk through a room and get dizzy as a side effect to the Metformin. Or how I have to eat a very strict diet to control my blood sugar. Its really rough sometimes. I am 25 & single and sometimes I worry about the future, will I live & be in good health when I do get married and start having kids? What if i dont make it that far? Because I can control my blood sugar for the most part but I can not lose weight like my doctor says I HAVE too in order to get better…

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Glucerna 2014-06-26 18:11:54 -0500 Report

I'm glad you joined this group to find people who understand what you're going through. Please ask your physician for a referral to a diabetes educator, who can help you learn how to manage diabetes to avoid complications and even lose weight. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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Howdy Anichole

WELCOME to Diabetic Connect!
sorry you qualify for this shindig, but since you do I'm glad you're here.
If you are on Metformin then you are most likely Type 2.

Yes, diabetes of either type can do all those things like lose you limbs or go blind. However it is nothing more than just living life can do to you. You can get into an automobile accident and lose one or two limbs or one or both eyes. However rather than live in fear of what diabetes may do to you, rather focus on what each day may bring, whether or not you have diabetes, You have the possibility of creating a new love and even a new life. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

I am currently 62. I have lived a LOT of life in those 62 years. Got divorced at 25 years, got into another love relationship and she passed away after 2.5 yrs. Now I've developed another love relationship (on DC no less) and am waiting how that will turn out. Oh and I have Chronic Kidney disease for which I need dialysis. It does make my life interesting? Sure but it does not make my life a ""woe is me, what will I do? I remember a saying in a hospital cafeteria where I once worked " Life is 5% of what happens to you, 95% is how you react to it.". I believe my life so far has proven them to be true words.

Regarding weight loss, keep your carbohydrates low and your protein intake high, and eventually it will melt off (at least that was the way it happened to me.

God's best to you and yours

James Baker.

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