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I was so happy today to receive my blood test results and find these results in 3 months:

FBS: 127 down from 250
A1C: 6.4 down from 11.3

Last time there was sugar found in the urine and that is now negative too…yay!

Cholesterol is all within normal ranges now..yay!

Only thing is my c-reactive protein is still high at 1.27 but it's down from 1.55…Not sure what's causing this however I do have x-rays of my back that I will be going over with my doctor on Thursday so maybe it's that, since it hurts pretty bad.

I'm so over the moon right now with these results and just wanted to share!

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rachmarie 2014-07-03 14:00:45 -0500 Report

That is totally AWESOME

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I just got diagnosed and have massive family history.

The A1C was 6.5 though my FBG was 98. If my doc did not do the A1C it could have been years before I got diagnosed. This is the first time it is over 6 and she wants me to do the following things in the next 3 months before we meet and check my A1C again.

lose 20 lbs
cut way back on starches, since they are more of an issue than sweets in my diet.

Work up to a solid exercise routine atm it is a bit of walking and working on adding minutes to the stationary bike until I get up to at least a decent work out

Trying for 5 to 6 minutes then uppping it a minute or two till I get to at least 20 minutes on the bike plus walking in the mall before they open up. (too hot here to walk outside even in the morning the sun is bad).

rachmarie 2014-07-03 14:06:28 -0500 Report

if I do not get my next A1C down I will be put on medication and since severe type 2 diabetes (she was on both meds and insulin and still had trouble keeping it under control) was one of the reasons why my mom died at least 15 years before her time this has major meaning to me

Also my late fiance David was a brittle Type 1 diabetic from the age of 5 and he was only 37 when he died with failed kidneys on dialysis.

I have a new fiance who I worry about too. Like me he is morbidly obese and a lot of his (more than mine even) is belly fat. Since diabetes also runs in his family, I am encouraging him to eat as healthy as possible as well.

Kats49 2014-06-29 20:07:27 -0500 Report

One mental picture I used to psych myself out was to think of thousands of shards of glass poking at my kidneys whenever I got a craving for something with sugar. Helped me tons.. Now I only eat fruit with in limits or use honey for sweetening. Very little I eat needs sugar…so for me it's a win win..Salt is harder for me to get past the cravings, but I still use great restraint, harder in the summer…I don't eat anything with nitrates, added salt, very little canned foods…Ranting..sorry folks

svaughn 2014-06-28 22:40:11 -0500 Report

Great Job!!!! I am hoping in 3 mths I will be able to say something similar for my next A1C check-up. Keep up the good work!

briarrose70 2014-06-27 11:49:39 -0500 Report

I did a complete overhaul of my food intake, no pasta whatsoever has been consumed, this is hard since my hubs is Italian and honestly I've never seen anyone put away so much pasta…lol…which caused me to eat a lot more pasta than normal.

I cut out all bread except for the occasional Sara Lee Low Carb Whole Grain bread which has, I think, 8 grams per slice or 13..I can't remember and/or I just use a whole grain flatbread I found at the local supermarket that only has 13 carbs and I usually use that for sandwiches.

I have to admit that I was a dessert eater since I have such a sweet tooth and I've cut out all desserts except the occasional custard cones since ice cream is my weakness and if I'm going to cheat, it's going to be ice cream.

I found Tofutti Hooray bars that are only 8 carbs and are made of soy protein which do not affect my blood sugars so I now have those instead of any other dessert usually.

I found pasta from explore-asia.com that has soybean pasta and black bean protein pasta which I've incorporated into my diet, these have approx 17 carbs however the dietary fiber is approx 12 grams and the protein is 23 grams. The taste is awesome compared to the miracle noodles I was using.

I know most red meats and chicken don't have any carbs but my hubs and I both had high cholesterol so we both pretty much went vegetarian since we both can't really stand chicken. I've been substituting tofu in a lot of our meals and since we both enjoy Indian food, it works out great with the tofu.

I really love finding new ways to cook with different ingredients. It's fun for me though I understand that most people don't have a lot of time to cook however I love it.

Here's the real motivator…I want off insulin since it costs a lot for me at $300 so I'd rather take that money and buy better foods so that I can get off the insulin. I'll do whatever I have to but it's easier in the wallet to go food shopping weekly and get good food then to plop out $300 in one shot.

I hope that helps some, I know it's not easy to make these changes however, for me, it was a great change and something I needed since I was not consciously thinking at all about what was going into my body. I feel wonderful since I've made these changes!

Hope that helps some!

Pegsy 2014-06-28 14:22:14 -0500 Report

Great job!!! Keep on doing what you're doing, you'll get there. As far as the ice cream weakness…I'm right there with you. I found an ice cream that fits well for my plan, it's called Halo Top Creamery All Natural Light Ice Cream. A 1/2 cup serving has 13g carbs, 4 g sugar and 7g protein. It's great for those times when I just gotta have ice cream.

jigsaw 2014-06-27 14:12:08 -0500 Report

Wow! You're off to an amazing start!!! Your plan overall, is apparently working, and that's what really matters!

haoleboy 2014-06-27 13:31:58 -0500 Report

just curious and probably none of my business … how are your cholesterol numbers? are you eating a low fat diet? just wondering how that is working.


briarrose70 2014-06-28 01:17:27 -0500 Report

For the first time in a very long time, my cholesterol levels are in range! They did put me on Zocor 20mg a day plus with the diet in 3 months:

Cholesterol, total 166 down from 257
HDL Cholesterol 57 up from 55
Triglycerides 106 down from 230
LDL Cholesterol 88 down from 156
Chol/HDL Ratio 2.9 down from 4.7
Non HDL Choles 109 down from 202

I'm trying to eat a low fat/low carbs high protein and fiber diet. I'm hoping that in another 3 months, I may be able to get off the Zocor too. I don't want to be on any meds…lol…or at least I'm trying. I have lost about 2lbs a week without doing any exercise so far with a total of 17lbs lost. I wanted to figure out what was going on with my back before I started just in case anything was too out.

The doctor is send me for physical therapy 3xweek to strengthen the back so have a lot of muscle atrophy going on so no hiking yet :(

haoleboy 2014-06-28 10:54:43 -0500 Report

what a great improvement!
I'm a big believer in the benefits of low carb high fiber for improving cholesterol levels.
getting off the meds is the goal … took me about a year to get off pravastatin. now if I can get off the metformin …

John Crowley
John Crowley 2014-06-27 09:35:56 -0500 Report

Well done, briarrose! That is fantastic progress. Please share with us what changes you've made. We can all learn a thing or two from your success.

Glucerna 2014-06-24 19:40:20 -0500 Report

Congratulations on all your hard work that resulted in these fantastic results. You sound really motivated to continue on this healthy path. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Type1Lou 2014-06-24 16:28:33 -0500 Report

Those are great results Briarrose! Keep up the good work. Here's a brief note about C-reative protein I found on line:
C-reactive protein (CRP) is a non-specific test. It is used by a doctor to detect inflammation if there is a high suspicion of tissue injury or infection somewhere in the body, but the test cannot tell where the inflammation is or what condition is causing it. CRP is not diagnostic of any condition, but it can be used together with signs and symptoms and other tests to evaluate an individual for an acute or chronic inflammatory condition. Keep us in the loop!

briarrose70 2014-06-24 22:55:46 -0500 Report

Thanks for the information, I knew it had to due with an inflammation somewhere but couldn't tell where…I will definitely keep everyone in the loop! :)

haoleboy 2014-06-24 13:01:03 -0500 Report

Fantastic job … Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Also a great motivator to keep going.
Likely the back pain is associated with inflammation which certainly would explain the elevated CRP level.


briarrose70 2014-06-24 13:05:58 -0500 Report

I'm so thrilled!! I want off insulin, that's my only motivator right now, I will get off of it!!

Can't wait to find out about the back situation since I want to start hiking but every time I go for an extended period of time, my legs go numb, which I really think is back related.

jigsaw 2014-06-24 12:38:28 -0500 Report

Those are some fine #s. Congrats, and keep up the good job!

briarrose70 2014-06-24 12:48:09 -0500 Report

Thanks so much!! I did my own happy dance here too! I'm hoping in 3 more months I'll have even better numbers. I'm so excited, so much work has gone into those numbers along with some frustrating times that to see such a great jump has really lifted my spirits that I can control this.

jigsaw 2014-06-24 16:33:22 -0500 Report

Apparently the link I sent you in my previous reply, was changed by the source! It was working when I first replied to you. Hope you saw me doing the dance! I put the link back on since it appears to be back in action!

jigsaw 2014-06-25 15:39:09 -0500 Report

Yes, I'm obviously quite the dancer. Bet you had no idea that I could dance like that! LOL!! I had no idea either!

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