A friend in trouble

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folks, I have an aquintance…old friend,we havent had contact in yrs, we went to high school together…he did something very very bad..he turned him self in…and for the last many months has been going through the juduicial system. he pled guilty and I expect he will spend the rest of his life in the system..I pray they will get him psych help(unlikly-but we can pray). I had been writing him every week but latly just havent felt up to it. I have alot of sympathy for him…but for the grace of God I could be in his exact situtation…I dont approve of his actions- he is guilty but…I do understand them.. and I just want to support a guy when hes down.

today I got a letter from him , hes terrified..and asked me and Dan to come to the hearing when he is senteced.He doesnt know Dans in Heaven..I cant get there or Id go…no car. poeple please pray for greg…wish I could get a message to him but they dont make this easy.


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I sent a message to him through the chaplin…since greg isnt/wasnt a christian I wasnt sure how that would go over…but he knew him and said theyd prayd with him.. and he was encouraged…guess when life gets tough…

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