Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan

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I was encouraged to post this in the discussions so everyone would have the opportunity to read it.

It was on the news yesterday, but the article is very informative. We really need to write to our congressmen. The spending package (as of today anyway) has still not passed, so time is of the essence. We must speak out.

Well as of Feb 14th the package has passed. I guess we will see now if it helps our health care or not.

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SHAFLEH 2009-02-12 10:28:47 -0600 Report


GabbyPA 2009-02-12 17:41:19 -0600 Report

Amen to that one. Thanks

2009-02-15 15:44:53 -0600 Report

Gabby, you got it right, if we do not do something soon, and not just talk, we are going to lose all control of our lives that we were promised to the government. Our children, their children and grandchildren will pay. I have already written the Governor on my medicare issue, and he straightened that up after four years of problems. I can not promise he will do the same with this, but it is one more voice heard, and I keep his email address handy. So, on to the voice of NJ. It is a small state with a big mouth. Someone might hear us. I will write him right away.

GabbyPA 2009-02-15 16:49:22 -0600 Report

Hey Claudia,
would you email me a copy of what you sent in my private box? I am trying to get samples of letters that produced results so I can write a better letter.

rbergman 2009-02-12 09:35:18 -0600 Report

This was in an email on Monday…

The Obama Administration on Health Care

Read on for information on President Obama's future health care policies.

* Insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions, so all Americans are able to access a stable, comprehensive plan.

* A Small Business Tax Credit will be made available for small businesses wishing to provide health care for their employees.

* Large employers who do not provide coverage for their employees will be required contribute a percentage of payroll toward the cost of their workers’ costs.

* Those who need a tax credit for their insurance will receive it.

The second objective of the Obama Administration’s health care plan is to reduce costs for the average American family. This will be done by:

* By importing medications from other developed countries, drug costs will become more affordable.

* The use of generic drugs will be encouraged while large drug companies that try to block the use of generics will be opposed.

* The cost of catastrophic illnesses will be reduced for both employers and their employees.

* Anticompetitive activity that raises premiums will be battled by the reform of the insurance market to allow for competitive pricing.

John Sheils, senior vice president of the Lewin Group, a health care policy research company from Virginia, extensively analyzed Obama’s health care plan and believes it could potentially decrease the number of uninsured by 26.6 million beginning in 2010. However, questions surrounding the financing of this plan anticipate annual spending on health care to reach $2.7 trillion.

What will come of Obama’s health care plan is yet to be realized. Regardless of your political affiliation or beliefs, one cannot deny that change will come. America will see how that change will play out.

GabbyPA 2009-02-15 10:08:33 -0600 Report

These were his campaign lists of things he wanted to do. Now that the reality is setting in, I think we need to read as much as we can, get involved and see beyond the "happy" media and get into the meat of it. This is unfortunatly fluff, and even today on all the "Washington Journals" , "This Week", and Chris (forgot his last name, sorry) But there were comments from Democratic Representatives on how this bill is the set-up for unpalatable things to come.
Gaurd your health care. Write to your officials and let them know that you need to keep it. Not lose it to beauratic red tape even more than it is.
All I am saying is get involved and make your voice heard. If you agree with the changes, that is okay. Let your officials know. But at the same time, if you don't, don't just complain about it, do something.

rbergman 2009-02-12 08:06:56 -0600 Report

Just last night I received a phone call from an insurance company as a response to something I filled out online. He asked what I was looking for and so on, when I explained that I was a diabetic he proceeds to tell me that I have limited options (yea, tell me something I didn't already know). He said, we could take lower paying jobs so that we qualify for Medicaid…just to give you an idea, in SD a family of 4 can only make just under $900 a month in income to qualify …what family of 4 can live on that??? I haven't been able to get a job since we moved and my husband only gross's $1800 a month as it is, granted the kids are covered by medicaid which does help as far as Laura's diseases. Anyway, another option was that my husband join a group plan at work…he's the only employee and works for a private rancher, they would have to hire at least one more person THEN get the group plan for him to enroll then there was still no guarantee that I would get coverage…
So, after he goes into this long speech of how a man of 42 with no health issues can get coverage for $107.XX a month yada yada yada…yea thats all great but again, this was about me being a diabetic and not being able to get coverage…so I reminded him of what this call was supposed to be about and he told me that I was just out of luck, that the government is working on new plans all the time and maybe in the next couple years I'd be able to get coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions…yea buddy thanks, and in the meantime I do what???
The system is broken and all the promises in the world isn't going to fix it, it isn't getting better regardless of stimulus money or not, it will never truly trickle down the the little guy or the sick in time to make a difference.

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-12 08:45:42 -0600 Report

you sad a mouthful of the truth! it doesn't look like the goverments ruling parties, or insurance companies,or pharm co. are interested in anything but what they can get away with, to put in their own back pockets! sure they offer us a token once in awhile and for that we are supposed to sit down and shut up!

2009-02-12 08:47:14 -0600 Report

I just heard about this on the news this morning, and already some of the senators and governors, are saying, no way. I can not believe what a communist country we have been turning into.

We have had so many demands and fines made on our daily living, allow us this or that.
What about that poor woman who is being thrown out for smoking in her own home, which is a condo. She has insurance, she has rights; or not

Avera 2009-02-11 23:52:30 -0600 Report

Concerning the Stimulus Plan and Health Care provisions, I agree with Gabby's article. I took KD's advice and read the parts of the bill relating only to "Health Care." It didn't change my mind. I am only sorry that I found out about this too late to do anything but phone my Congerssman.

Politically, I respect everyone's point of view and usually don't argue one way or another. For some reason, these Health Provisions included in the plan really worry me.

I did find many other articles supporting the article that Gabby listed. The link I am providing gave some links which helped me learn more. The article is titled:

**Halt the Economic Stimulus Bill! Sweeping Health Care Power Grab Taking Place with No Debate**

Here is the link…

In another article in the Washington Post, it said that in a stimulus bill that could exceed $500 billion, Obama has already pledged to increase federal Medicaid spending — perhaps by more than $40 billion over two years.

Did you realize that: $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens. You can verify this bit of information at…

Well, that's my two cents worth. Even if you don't agree, I still think that the Health Care Provisions in Obama's Stimulus Plan need further review. Parts of the Health Care provisions are worthy, but some just might prove harmful as well.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-02-12 06:06:48 -0600 Report

Avera, Thank you for adding these addition websites. I find them very interesting…Debe

GabbyPA 2009-02-12 17:39:54 -0600 Report

Bloomberg is a very reliable source. It's not like I got it out of the inqirer or something. I have many thoughts on it that are better in a different site, but I have to tell you that this really, really bothers me. It is a HUGE step toward socialistic medicine and that is not what we are. I just want the control back with the doctors where it belongs, not the government.

kdroberts 2009-02-11 14:31:12 -0600 Report

Please, everyone read the bill itself rather than rely on commentary. It can be found on the congress website and (you will have to copy and paste because this website doesn't recognize the whole web address)

It spells out exactly where all the money is going, who is in charge of spending it, what they can and can't do with it and a whole lot of other things.

If you are not familiar with reading bills it will be difficult to follow. If you are familiar, it's large and you will know the type of thing to expect!

2009-02-11 19:34:06 -0600 Report

kd, I would love to read the bill, that would make it TONS clearer, but it wont work for me as it is here, and I copied and pasted it into my browser. Lil help here?

rbergman 2009-02-11 19:42:17 -0600 Report

I too attempted to copy and paste and this is the message I get instead of the page


Database name missing

Use the Browser Back button and select a database

rbergman 2009-02-12 07:57:35 -0600 Report

Yes I realized that after I said I couldn't get it to work, thanks for the link though, and you're right reading the bill is better than commentary about the bill!

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-11 12:14:55 -0600 Report

i always object to things that are slipped in, without full explanation. where did the first billions go? somebodies back pocket and it wasn't ours! it sounds like the tightening of control over our everyday lives! these things need to be more opened and explained, without all the hide behind fancy talk!

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-02-11 11:54:54 -0600 Report

Gabby great article. Make sure everyone read the whole article. I will be writing to are congrssman and hopes everyone will do so too…

beauty416 2009-02-11 11:51:19 -0600 Report

Frankly I hope that the stimulus plan passes. Lots of people can use the money. If they can send either thousands or millions overseas they need to start with carity at home. Home is where charity needs to start.

2009-02-11 11:42:38 -0600 Report

A very interesting article. Gives a person something to think about. This article should be read by everyone. Please give what you read alot of thought.

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