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Hello everyone.
In todays Norwich Bulletin, there was a small paper called healthy living. And in it contained a article on Type Two diabetes. I thought I would share with you some of the interesting highlights of the article:
"Living with diabetes type 2 is not cheap…the cost of drug treatments have almost doubled in the past six years…going from 12.5 million $'s in '07. the number of people being treated for T2D (type 2 diabetes) jumped dramatically and the drugs used to treat T2D have become more expensive."
"we are doing a better job of educating people about diabetes and that is why the number of people who have it has risen from 2000-2007. As more people are treated the overall cost rise."
"new drugs have been made, but because they are new, their costs are higher. they will remain high until a generic form can be made. When first diagnosed, a person may be put on a older drug, being generic, but then may have to go on a newer drug, which costs more.
The three ways to save:
1. Change your life style. Since obesity and inactivity are prime causes of T2D, diet and excersice can go a long way toward reducing drug use. Modification of your life style is a major key.
2. Use insulin. It is cheaper than drugs. but its only draw back is its inconvience.
3. Shop around. Check pharmacy prices and check mail order instead of local stores.
In the U.S. 23.6 million people or 7.8 % of the population had diabetes in '07. Risk of death for a person with diabetes is twice as high as one with out. In '07 1.6 million new cases of diabetes was diagnosed for people over 20.
in '06 diabetes was the #7 causes of death. Diabetes causes new cases of blindness amoung adults aged 20-74 and causes 12,000-24,000 new cases of blindness every year.
Both direct and indirect estimated costs in the US in '07 was $174 billion. People with diabetes spend 2.3 more than those with out.
The article says the source for this information is: Centers for Disease Control and Preventions national Diabetes Fact Sheet '07

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GabbyPA 2009-02-10 18:32:20 -0600 Report

This says that insulin is cheaper than oral meds? Is that true? My Metformin is only $5 a month, no insurance. What would insulin run without insurance?

rbergman 2009-02-10 09:16:42 -0600 Report

With costs the way they are, the economy the way it is, damned if you do damned if you don't, I know for me personally my diabetes doesn't always come first on the list of needs, I also know it should but sometimes it doesn't always happen that way due to cost. I'm not saying its easier for those with insurance, they still have premiums and deductibles to pay…again damned if you do damned if you don't…I don't see any relief in sight in the near future for any of us sadly.

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-10 09:45:17 -0600 Report

i guess we are just damned then, have you watched the news this morning? they are trying to sneak something in the new bail-out package that is going to harm seniors and anybody else that need help!

Bluebutterfly 2009-02-10 11:11:04 -0600 Report

Haven't heard of the news yet,but I am sure if they cand find a way to take away more of what we have had they will. I wish they would look at the people that make 150,00.00 a year and see what they can cut. I don't always get the things I need for type 2.Sometimes it is a choice I have to make.I know I am not alone in this either.My disability ,five years was aenough to see that I got what I needed. Now it does't go around for everthing I need. I just make the choices and do what I have to do,hope for the best.

DonnaAnn 2009-02-10 12:15:54 -0600 Report

even with insurance its tough, I have had weeks and days that i could not afford my co-pays. A whole 5 dollars per prescription.

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