You Should Experience Insulin And Injections Before Pumping

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Started 2009-02-09 18:06:14 -0600

I have heard of a few instances of diabetics starting pumping immediately after being told to use insulin but I don't think it is a good idea. It works much better if the diabetic becomes very accustomed to insulin, injections, testing, carb counting and all the rest BEFORE pumping. Having to learn all about pumping at the same time you are learning about insulin and injections and carb counting can be overwhelming. I can imagine someone like that throwing in the towel under those circumstances. Someone who has at least reasonably good control and knows the ins and outs of diabetes management with basal/bolus insulin can adjust to pumping much more easily. Pump training and learning to program and operate the pump day after day can be enough to learn in itself. If you pile learning about insulin and carb counting from scratch on top of that it can be too much. I hope I have stated myself clearly.

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rbergman 2009-02-09 19:07:23 -0600 Report

We were told that if our daughter becomes insulin dependent she would first have to learn to inject on an orange, then on herself, she would continue to self inject until it was at a proper dosage that she maintained good BG levels, only then would a pump come into play and not for at least 3 months into insulin therapy maybe even 6 months. This is for Type 2 diabetes though I cannot say for Type 1 if it would have been the same but I'm assuming it would have been.

Richard157 2009-02-15 09:21:56 -0600 Report

Yes Robin it would definitely be the same for both. I would heve been totally confused with pumping if I had not had previous experience with injections and carb counting. I have also been told by several pumpers and my endo that having poor conyrol before pumping makes it more difficult to adjust to pumping. I had an A1c of 5.6 before pumping so that made adjustment much easier for me. After 20 months of pumping my A1c is still 5.6.

roshy 2009-02-09 18:21:01 -0600 Report

well when i was diagnosed they team offered me the pump, but i was 16 and the idea of beingg attached to the pump 24 7 didnt seem to attractive to me at the time!!

but being a little older now and wiser, the pump is looking like a better option. Ovver here you need to have a very tight control on your BS( blood sugars- not bull sh#t) before they even consider swaping you over to the pump!

i need to get my act togetther though!! i dont check, record and sometimes im lucky if i even do the insulin injection!! the pump isnt the easy way out but i think id benefit alot from it, im "lazy" when it comes to injections!!

Richard157 2009-02-09 18:57:46 -0600 Report

Roshy, you need to be very disciplined and organized with insulin and record keeping before starting to pump. Pumping would do you very little good otherwise. Are you thoroughly aquainted with carb counting? You have to be in order to pump.

roshy 2009-02-09 19:26:01 -0600 Report

im very familiar with the carb counting!! ive attended a few seminars and am well able to do it!! and the times i did try it it did actually work!!

Right then!! here it comes my big fat diabetes confession!!
my issue is accepting the responsability to my diabetes!! i dont take my needles, i dont do my sugars, i deffo dont watch what i eat!! i dont exercise and i completely avoid my doctor and other health professionals!!
ive been like this for 4 years now!!! my big question is why the hell cant i just cop on!! what will make me change and when the hell will it happen!!
Im constantly faced by my own mortalilty and it really really gets me down the way i just wont face up to whats my responsability!!

wow that got really heavy!!

theres no way i could say that to a doctor!

Richard157 2009-02-09 21:17:14 -0600 Report

Roshy, I cannot tell you how you can become responsible for your diabetes control and be good at it. You have to find the incentive within yourself. I know that if I did not do my very best to take care of myself while I was in college I would not have graduated. I would probably have had terrible problems with my eyes and kidneys. I don't think I would be alive today. I have never had the problem you have now. I have always done my very best. I never missed a doctor's appointment except once when I was in a car wreck on the way to his office. I hope you will begin taking care of yourself ASAP so you can live a long, healthy life without terrible complications. Don't even think about pumping until you get your act together and get good control with injections.

Now you are probably mad at me for saying all this but I feel somebody needs to tell you that. Are we still friends? Please!!

roshy 2009-02-09 21:22:44 -0600 Report

ah richard of course wer still friends!!

but your right! i need something to wake me up inside and change my way of thinking! sometimes i have this horrible feeling that i have already done the damage with the amount of sugar intake and lack of control!!
as a girl i have this emotional attachment with food that i just cant kick !! and its eventually going to cripple me!!

rbergman 2009-02-09 21:28:33 -0600 Report

As I told another member in a private message, I too am in the same boat as you Roshy, denial, laziness whatever you want to call it, my first wake-up call came recently because my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, I'm no role model if I am not taking care of my diabetes but expect her to do it when she is only 7! I do not wish this sort of wake-up call upon anyone, and hate that my daughter has this disease we as adults struggle with daily, but its time I did the right thing by her and for myself…find your motivation, its out there just find it!

roshy 2009-02-09 21:34:01 -0600 Report

my dad has been type one since he was seven and is a model diabetic!! he has always been there asking how i am coping and i just cant face the truth, im not coping at all!! i dont want to have to cope!! but i am an adult now and im the only one who is going to pay for my concequences!! i just dont understand that although iknow how serious it is why cant i just do what im supposed to do and get on with it!!

i think eventualy i will change my ways, and so will you, i just hope it happens sooner rather then later. x

roger 2009-02-13 19:08:00 -0600 Report

i was the same way for about the same time 4 years what woke me up? my eye dr telling me he would do what ever he could to help me keep my site for as long as he could but to face the fact that some day i will be blind.that is when i got the pump i have had 7 lazzor surg in each eye and have had two royd inj in each eye and go back on the 26 to have the roydinj agan. you need to find that something that will wake you up .you are young and have a long life ahead of you if you dont take care now what will be left for all the days you have ahead of you do we all have to come over there and kick your a—?

roshy 2009-02-14 07:37:28 -0600 Report

thanks for sharing that with me rog!! i think a good arse kicking is what i need alrite!! im fed up of worring all the time!! i have an aunt who is type one and having terrible trouble with her eyes at the mo and she is only 40!!
sometimes my biggest worry is that with all the damage i have done over the past 5 years is it just a matter of time until i start having complications or can i save my eyes now before it is too late!!

i suppose there is no point in living life in fear all the time!! you just have to do what is right for the right reasons! x

roger 2009-02-14 11:36:35 -0600 Report

it is to late for the past cant change it any ways. think about now not year from now now what can you do to fix things take care of your self if you dont it mite be a 400 lb nurce looking to give you a spong bath fo the second time to day .think about that then go check your bg !

roshy 2009-02-14 12:20:20 -0600 Report

yeah!! life is too good just to throw it away!! ah but things are gona change once i hit 21!!! no more excuses!! i have to change and i will!!! looking through the net ive seen everyone who has diabetes and they just get on with it!! i dont know why i just cant do the same!! im just lazy and love my chocolate!! but its not worth it!!! i would rather have my eye sight and kidneys and the rest!! I think you just have to decide to change and thats it. full stop!!

roger 2009-02-14 17:56:16 -0600 Report

dont get me wrong i am not 100% good i love pasta potatos and rice and eat way to much of it and thoes candy bars get me every time . but i know what i can hav and when and if i over do it i pay . head akes, dizzy,blurred vision feet dont want to work .we allpay for not doing what we should so keep in mind no one hear is doing 100% 100% of the time so dont be so hard on your self. one slap side the head per day is all you need .and we all can do the rest for you.

roshy 2009-02-15 07:46:30 -0600 Report

you see, theres the big difference!! i dont feel any different after eating a large quantity of carbs or sugar!!! therefore i eat and eat and EAT!! but im gona feel it when i have no eyes or legs in 5 or 10 years time!!!

Ah good thing i have you guys though!!

But thats my dead line, 21 in 8 days then im finialy going to accept responsability for my very on diabetes!!
Im gona reck your heads for advice and support!! i wont have any net friends in two weeks !!! : . (

roger 2009-02-15 10:33:47 -0600 Report

do you have a plan ? where are you going to start?what are you going to do when you whant somthing you should not have? what are youy going to do when you do give in to that want. it will happen .need to adj and over come it and move on learn from it . my bad i need to do this too just started over my self sliped for awile but trying to get back it happens take it slow and look for help .that is what brought me hear.have lots of help at home with my wife but need thoes who live it for that i do it or did it

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