Do Seizures affect memory

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Hi I'm Hannah I'm 25 and I've been type1 diabetic for 18 years.

Around 3.5 years ago had a very bad time that lasted for nearly a year and a half, (I think down to learning to live with diabetes with out living with my mum and dad.) … Maybe 3 times a week my sugars would go severely low during the night causing me to seizure, from what my partner says my muscles would tence and relax I would make noises and bite down and produce a lot of saliva even wetting my self occasionally.

My partner would try to help give me fast acting sugar/hypostop but it would rarely have an affect as by the time he realised due to being asleep when they would start it was too late to intervene.

After these 'fits' when I 'came around' I'd have lost my short term memory, not knowing what I had done the day before where I had been what day it was ect.

3.5 years on I'm on a pump, and since this I've never 'fitted' again they are thankfully a thing of the past!

My only query is that I fear it effected my memory and to an extent my speech, I now stutter when my mind can't work fast enough to find the word I need to use, I can see it I can describe it but I can't say it … So I begin to stutter. I now also have a terrible short term memory with me forgetting past events as if they have never happened only remembering places we have been through photos taken. Needless to say my camera goes everywhere with me :)

Before all of this my speech was perfect an memory very good rarely struggling to recall anything.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining as it was my own fault for not having better control … I'm just hopeful some one will have some information or experience of this.

Thanks Hannah x

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