Assistance for people without health insurance

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If you don't qualify for health insurance/medicare, etc you may qualify for free insulin and even most medications by simply applying for patient assistance from the manufacturer. I looked all this up the other day. You can make as much as 300% higher than the average income and still qualify for free medications, if more than that though you can still qualify for a percentage off.

For insulin:

Humulin or Humalog:
made by Eli Lilly and Company
go to this website and pick the program u wish to apply for:

Novalog insulin:

Lantus insulin:

For all other medications try these websites:

Some of these places offer a mail order service for pills at a much lower cost regardless of income, some of the insulin companies require a w-4 as proof of low income and then deliver the insulin to your doctor for you for free.

Personally the only thing I saw that helped me was the cholesterol pill (Simvastatin) I've been paying $45 a month for i can now get 3 months worth for $40 from the manufacturer. And Pfizer is letting me get one prescription (Chantix) about $10 cheaper a month.

If there are medications you take that you can't find, let me know, perhaps I can help u find them.

Hope this helps!

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maryh514 2014-05-23 08:47:18 -0500 Report

I was able to get help for my insulin through a company called Prescription Assistance 123. The name of the patient advocate that assisted me was Mark Brown. I am on insulin (lantus and Humalog) He signed me up for the patient assistance program through the manufacture and it was a really simple process. I receive my medications in the mail every three months. I would recommend him and this company to anyone. His number is (888) 507-9123 or his direct number is (561) 288-9044
Thanks Mark and good luck to everyone!

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