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I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes five years ago. It never went away. I have been on a rollercoaster eversince. They diagnosed me with type II diabetes and was prescribed insulin right away and was never able to get it under control. I was up in 4 to 5 hundreds then down to hypo in a matter of hours. I lost over 100 lbs when they told me losing weight would help. It didnt I seemed to just get worse doing everything they told me to. I was finally referred to an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes. He dagnosed me with type I diabetes. I am now on two types of insulin six shots a day. My numbers are way down. Has anyone else had this problem getting a proper diagnoses?

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MeiMei 2009-03-09 14:05:39 -0500 Report

You need special blood tests to determine if you have t1 or t2 diabetes. They are to test the function of the pancreas. Antibody test or c-peptide test would help. Ask for them at your next appt. to help settle the question. The raising or lowering of you BG's are not indicative of t1 or t2 alone.

bscmom3 2009-03-09 23:17:29 -0500 Report

Finally diagnosed as type 1. Good to know whats really going on. Its hard trying to stay healthy when you dont have the right meds. maybe i can start to get my sugar under control.

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-07 14:00:55 -0600 Report

yes, i go to the same doctor all the time. each time i go, i'm told something different! it went from type 2, to pre-diabetic, and then metobolic syndrome! all because my sugar likes to go up and down. it has never been high enough to make a firm declaration! in the meanwhile i have some of the diabetic complications. i am confused also.

bscmom3 2009-02-07 14:12:58 -0600 Report

I have had such high sugars that I cant believe I havent had more physical problems. Around here you have to have good insurance to be taken seriously. Finally got that. Maybe I can get this thing under control. My last a1c was 13+. It feels like Im losing control. I have three daughters age 9, 7, and 4. I have lost over 100 lbs and all my cholesterol and triglycerides are in normal ranges. The blood sugar is my last and hardest hurdel I have to get under control.

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