necrobiosis lipoidica

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I am 38 non diabetic i have had nld for 14 years on both shins 5cm by30cm i have read other discussions about it and i was wondering if any treatments had helped thats easily available i found cold creams made mine more sensitive so i stopped using steroids. I have always covered it up i tried cosmetic make up, fake tan and bronzer none covered it. i want to try dermablend has anyone tried this? or sheer nld is hot painful to any touch and itchy i got it from constantly bangin my shins. please share your story good or bad

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DJDuckee 2015-03-08 05:55:48 -0500 Report

Hey G.O.T.
I'm going to tell you something about how my NLD has been all but cured as a Non- Diabtic, You can look up everything I'm telling you as far as the procedures, a Doctor had a feeling, and he sent me to a vascular surgeon for a doppler study. For some reason, Non diabetics and diabetics alike have a problem when it comes to NL/NLD. Incompatible perforators. Where the deep vein and superficial vein runs it is made like a ladder, with feeder veins that are common with the NL/NLD. A simple doppler test will confirm if you or anyone else has incompatible perforators. I had left leg involvement, when the doppler study was done, I waited a week and saw a vascular surgeon who gave proof that what was suspected was true. I was scheduled for a minor surgery which is called the Linton Procedure a year later the only tell tale sign of my NL/NLD is the scaring from ulcerating. I was diagnosed with NL/NLD in 1984, they checked me for Granuloma Annulare when I was diagnosed, 3 laboratories confirmed NL/NLD. I tell everyone I run across to go have the test done, it's not painful, and could mean a liftetime free of NL/NLD. I'm not here to preach, just glad I had the procedure done.
Good Luck!! The Vascular Surgeon as Dr. Dacri-Kim Dayton, Ohio.

g.o.t 2014-07-19 20:06:17 -0500 Report

Hi i av tried boots prima 4 rosacia it didnt cover i am thinking of trying body builder tan next 2 cover this nld.

g.o.t 2014-06-23 07:47:07 -0500 Report

well i av tried dermablend on its the face foundation that did not cover the nld so am gonna try no7 boots prima its gud 4 rosasia al let u no ow i get on av u tried 22 cover urs ;-)

jayabee52 2014-06-18 20:29:01 -0500 Report

Howdy g.o.t

I have had NLD ever since 2007, and nothing seems to have helped it diminish or go away. It pretty much does its own thing. I am resigned to wearing my blue jeans to cover it up.

I believe I got mine at around age 15 when I was kick starting a motorcycle and it kicked back, opening a gash in my leg. I had to stay out of the pond for a summer but it eventually healed. I developed T2 diabetes 1995

I noticed it getting worse again and opening up lesions and scabbing over long about 2007 or so and it has been getting better and then worse again. Currently the NLD has pretty much faded away.

God's best to you